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Tip Sheet: Stahmann Pecan Shares Top Tips on Pecan Use in Specialty Foods

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Updated 11:16 AM CST, Thu, December 01,2016

Specialty food and gourmet goods benefit from several marketing angles based on research performed on pecans. Stahmann Pecan shares tips on these angles.

La Luz, NM -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/01/2016 -- Stahmann Pecan, one of their two family-owned pecan farms, has produced pecans since 1932 in the Mesilla Valley. They're known as one of the largest producers of pecans in the world and are located on 3,200 acres with over 168,000 pecan trees. Over the years, Stahmann Pecan has developed a system for harvesting pecans to consistently deliver quality to many industries. One of the top two areas of the food industry they identified as beneficial to being a supplier is specialty and gourmet foods.

Pecans for specialty foods and gourmet goods are on the rise since more and more people are looking for minimally processed snacks and gourmet items for gifts or serving. The price is no longer a lead indicator. Rather, people are looking for quality, uniqueness of blended tastes, and high nutritional value.

According to Valient Market Research, there are more than 1,000 types of nutritional bars on the market in comparison to 226 a decade ago. The whole foods snack market has experienced growth of 10 percent in just one year. Other products, such as gluten free pecan flours, pecan meals and flavorful pecan oils, are being developed. Many have also learned how to produce beer made with pecans. In addition, some of these new products are used to created healthier versions of the same traditional recipes.

There are several marketing angles a specialty food or gourmet innovative company can take when using pecans.

1. Studies show numerous health benefits. This super food has a heart-healthy designation from the American Heart Association. Pecans lower cholesterol and contain valuable antioxidants. In fact, pecans for gourmet goods and specialty foods are low in calories, a source of quality protein and various other essential nutrients. Pecans contain more than 19 minerals and vitamins, which appeal to the health-conscious market niche.

2. Pecans can be listed as vegan, when using approaches to harvesting like Stahmann Pecan uses. There is no extra production involved in producing pecans and they are a high source of protein many vegans need.

3. Various studies suggest that pecan nuts are an ideal option for weight loss and for individuals that work out on a regular basis. This is a specific market niche that can easily establish its loyalty for a certain brand or product type.

4. Stahmann Pecan continually produces pecans that meet the specifications of the Star-K Kosher certification. Their Kosher certified pecans deliver a tasty, natural flavor free of additives.

5. The enhanced flavors of pecans are partially successful due to the manufacturer's creativity and use of seasonings blended with pecans. Sweetness, spiciness, or a combination of the two reflects flavors around the world.

6. According to, there were many different sweet pecan desserts introduced to the public at the 2015 Snacks Expo in Chicago by The Center for Pecan Innovation. Expo visitors were shown innovative ways to prepare snacks via various pecan products, and the best thing is that pecan flour and meal can be used for sweets and snacks. Using pecan flour is a healthy alternative to many white or processed flours.

7. Like many nuts, pecans are naturally gluten-free.

8. Besides being a popular nut for health, pecans are also used in some of the most delicious pies, pralines, fudges, pancakes, cookies, and other desserts. Pecan bourbon balls are examples of the South's most mouth-watering, traditional desserts.

9. Pecans from Stahmann Pecan can also be listed as high quality, pesticide-free production, and regularly tested for food safety.

Stahmanns, Inc. sells estate-grown wholesale pecans, meaning that all of the pecans are grown and shelled on our 3200 acre farm in the fertile Mesilla Valley of Southern New Mexico, along the Rio Grande River. Stahmanns does not outsource any part of the process: we control growing, harvesting, shelling, packaging and shipping. They serve the wholesale, industrial and commercial markets for pecans. This means that they sell to organizations that buy wholesale pecans for use in making food products and in packaging pecans for resale. They ship to customers around the World.

About Stahmann Pecan
As a leader in this industry, Stahmanns' utilizes innovative processing and harvesting techniques that ensure the quality of all the bulk pecans they produce. They focus their efforts on two different varieties of nuts. The Western Schlye and Bradley varieties they produce are both Kosher-certified. Additionally, the shelling plant in operation is certified as a SQF Level-3 operation. The investment this company makes in their facilities ensures there is no presence of contamination while all the standards outlined by the company are maintained.

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