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Riviera Beverages: Custom Label Water Bottles for Enhanced Client Relations

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Updated 10:12 AM CDT, Mon, August 06,2018

First impressions matter. Give the best with private label bottled water

Garden Grove, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2018 -- Riviera Beverages, a leading Californian company in the Custom Label Water Bottles industry, is opening the ordering doors for North American and overseas brands looking for new ways to attract customers and establish strong relationships with them.

Riviera's experts state that impressing clients isn't just about the service anymore, it's more about proving your professionalism by showing how influential your brand is. They report that using Custom Label Water Bottles reflects attentiveness and customer appreciation, and unconsciously influences customers and potential clients as they perceive that as a sign of professionalism.

Riviera's products meet many consumer criteria as they're environment-friendly, FDA-approved, and BPA-free. The bottles are made of lightweight plastic that is composed of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Besides, you get the freedom of choosing the shape and size of the bottles as well as the water or water-based beverages contained inside them.

What products can you get?

Riviera offers two services: Recurring Private Label / Co-Packing Orders and One-Time Event Custom Label Orders, each of which serves a specific purpose.

Recurring Private Label / Co-Packing Orders:

This option is designed for brands and companies that continuously need private label bottled water for reoccurring, promotional, and co-packing purposes. Custom pricing is provided for each order, and you need to contact Riviera's support team for full details regarding the price rate, delivery, and distribution.

One-Time Event Custom Label Orders:

This option is intended for one-time events. These orders aren't handled by Riviera, but by, a certified partner, that takes care of such requests. To get details regarding pricing, bottles, and shipping and to place an order, you need to contact

More info can be found at the company's website:

Why does Riviera stand out from the crowd?

In a world where trust is almost non-existent in the nutrition industry, it's essential to choose the right companies with whom you deal, especially when you're using the product to show your professionalism to your clients, which is the case for custom label water bottles. Riviera promises to surpass expectations with its Purified, Spring, Mineral Enhanced, Vitamin Enhanced, Flavored, Alkaline, and De-Ionized Water selections.

In addition, the company has reasonable prices, fast turnaround, and coast-to-coast shipping, all of which are features that any brand looks for when searching for ways to build its reputation and image in front of its clients. Riviera's facility is FDA-certified and uses state-of-the-art technologies to provide safe-to-consume beverages in quality bottles.

Riviera also takes pride in its customer service team that works day and night to ensure proper communication between the company and its clients.

About Riviera Beverages
Riviera Beverages is a custom label bottled water company located in southern California that aims at providing quality products for Private Label, Promotional and Custom Label bottled water needs. Customers have nothing but kind words to say about the company thanks to its great prices, quality products, and reliable communication.

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