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Researchers Unveiled Chamomile Tea Can Lower the Risk of Thyroid Cancer

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Updated 9:15 AM CDT, Tue, May 05,2015

Researchers discovered that the consumption of chamomile tea can lower the risk of thyroid cancer. Greeks who drink much more chamomile tea over longer time periods are less vulnerable to thyroid malignancies.

Fairhope, AL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/05/2015 -- Researchers interviewed a number of Athens citizens about their lifestyle, eating and drinking habits and discovered that people who testified drinking more chamomile tea over longer time periods were less vulnerable to thyroid malignancies or harmless stones than people who did not.

As the research doesn't prove that chamomile tea stop cancer cell growth, it contributes to a body of proof pointing towards the possible health advantages of the Mediterranean-diet including plenty of slim seafood, fresh vegetables and nutritious fats along with tea.

Researchers interviewed individuals about their health background, lifestyle and diet routines, as well as consumption of coffee, tea and alcohol.

They forecast the chances of developing thyroid cancer or harmless stones based on chamomile tea consumption, evaluating the outcome for everyday versus weekly tea consumption and discovering if the routine had a larger effect over many years.

After considering for age, sex, and body-mass index, the researchers uncovered that as use of chamomile tea elevated, the chances of developing any kind of thyroid malignancy slightly decreased. People who consumed chamomile tea for 2 to 6 times a week were around 70-percent less prone to develop thyroid irregularities. 30 years of regular usage decreased the risk by around 80-percent.

The scientists also looked over the link between thyroid cancer and consumption of other herbal teas commonly used in Greece – mountain tea and sage tea – and discovered that these decreased the odds to developing malignancies, although the connection wasn't as powerful as it was for chamomile tea.

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