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Picanha Explains the International Roots and Characteristics of Brazilian Cuisine

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Updated 1:00 AM CDT, Tue, July 30,2019

Bristol, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2019 -- Like the United States, Brazil is a large country in terms of both population and geography, with many distinct geographical and ethnographic regions. Its cuisine reflects its melting-pot heritage, so there is not one single style or definition of Brazilian cuisine. There are, however, several defining characteristics of how cuisine interacts with the other aspects of Brazil's diverse culture.

In order to understand the roots of Brazil's food traditions, it's necessary to first understand the country's history. The area that later became Brazil was colonized by Portugal in 1500 and remained under Portuguese control until 1822. Before 1500, the area was the domain of indigenous peoples such as the TupĂ­-GuaranĂ­, whose staple crop was manioc (most similar to a potato) and who used this root vegetable to make tapioca and other dishes that have undergone some evolution but still serve as a basis for what is now thought of as Brazilian cuisine.

A strong Portuguese influence is still evident in much of Brazil's food, particularly in the use of fish (especially salted cod), as well as the added flavors of onions and garlic. Those with a sweet tooth should also thank the Portuguese for their role in the development of a variety of Brazilian desserts that are now considered traditional.

While Portugal was under colonial rule, African slaves added to the emerging cuisine with the use of many fruits and vegetables that are still widely used in Brazilian recipes today, such as coconut, plantains, and okra. The diversity of Brazil's population expanded during the nineteenth century, with a flood of immigrants from all over the world, from Japanese to Germany. Each immigrant group added something new to the country's food traditions, helping it to continue its never-ending development into the delicious world cuisine that millions of people have been eating to this very day.

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About Picanha Brazilian Steakhouse
Open for lunch and dinner, Picanha Brazilian Grill's two Philadelphia locations serve the most authentic Brazilian cuisine in the Philadelphia area. Eating rodizio style allows visitors to have their meat carved tableside, and the extensive menu offers something for everyone. The restaurant also offers an extensive dessert menu with items made by an in-house pastry chef.

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