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Organic Nut Milk Bag Strainer from P&F High Quality Products Receives Rave Reviews

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Updated 8:45 PM CDT, Thu, April 16,2015

Bangkok, Thailand -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/16/2015 -- P&F High Quality Products offers an indefinite sale off their Organic Nut Milk Bag product made from 100% natural hemp on Amazon. It currently retails at $19.95 apiece from its original $29.99 price listing. This helps save buyers especially bulk purchasers as much as 33% off the rack price plus Amazon's free shipping for orders over $35 which for this product only requires two or more in order to avail of. Since launching a few months ago on Amazon, the product has only gained considerably good reviews with 5 star rating. It's currently rated #42 in Colanders and food strainers section.

Benefits of an Organic Milk Bag

Apart from being reusable thus cost-efficient since there's no more need to buy another milk bag after using this one, P&F assures the public that with their organic milk bag strainer, there'll be no more harmful chemicals in any of the food or drinks that its buyers will consume.

"Unlike other competing strainers in the market today, ours is made from undyed fabric which lessens or if not virtually eradicates risks of hormone dysfunctions or breast cancer when using nylon-based products," says Miss Pawara Dontrithai, a company representative. The product is best suited when blending almond milk extracts or other yogurts and juices as preferred. The product's main raw material which is hemp contains zero bio-toxins, requires no fertilizer, herbicides or pesticides unlike cotton.

Using hemp has been scientifically proven to help kill bacteria and restrain microbes and other bowel bacillus which in effect helps in digestion. With the ability to kill staph, it also stops fungus, rotting, or molding from happening.

Also in comparison to plastic strainer which basically contains the same materials as paint strainers, none of these toxins are present on a hemp-based strainer. P&F designers have also made it a point to only create a functional design for the strainer with its large size [13x12"], wide mouth opening and round bottom. This makes it an easy fit for most variety of jars, and blenders without if falling off. A round bottom will also produce a fine mesh that is funneled straight to a desired container without any more need for further filtering.

The all-purpose strainer is ideal for health conscious citizens who are also into milk nutrition and juice-based diets. Some of its satisfied customers reviewed it positively. One such customer, M Jones claimed " It's very important to me that it's made of hemp because it's much healthier and is eco-friendly. I don't want any unhealthy chemicals in my food or drink. It works really well and there's never any pulp left. The large size makes it very easy to use and because it has a curved design nothing gets stuck in the corner. It's also well made; it's sturdy and the seams are strong."

About P&F High Quality Products
Starting out with numerous kitchen products on Amazon, P&F has since then improved their catalog with healthier options for the better informed public. Their latest offering, a 100% natural hemp nut milk bag, all-purpose strainer is a sign of progress by which the company is committed and the re-usable and recyclable product development-mindset they have adopted.

Pawara Dontrithai

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