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Online Japanese Sake Platform Tippsy Launches November 2018

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Updated 1:47 PM CST, Fri, November 23,2018

Making premium Japanese sake simple, fun, and affordable

Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/23/2018 -- Tippsy Sake, an online platform that helps enthusiasts order premium Japanese sake according to their taste preferences, launched on 11/11/18,

Alongside Japanese restaurants, sake is gaining popularity in the U.S. but high-quality brands typically don't reach consumers due to limited knowledge and an expensive supply chain. Tippsy carries a range of brands, from the popular Ozeki and Hakutsuru, to premium brands such as Dassai, Hakkaisan, Otokoyama and Onikoroshi. Tippsy has decoded the labels of over 200 premium sake and created unique tasting metrics and pairing suggestions to make discovery and selection much easier--and a lot more fun!

Through a streamlined process, Tippsy delivers sake directly to consumers as soon as it arrives from Japan so they get the freshest sake possible and at competitive prices. Information about each brew's origin, characteristics, and serving temperature is available so sake beginners know exactly what they're drinking and sake lovers can explore new flavors!

Leading the team is Genki Ito, an MBA graduate ('18) of the USC Marshall School of Business with over 10 years of experience as a business analyst and sales manager in food imports and distribution. Genki wants to promote the drink as "more than just hot sake or sake bombs" but an "elegant pairing for all kinds of cuisine beyond sushi and Japanese food."

Tippsy wants to enhance sake's reputation as a versatile drink for any occasion and expand sake's current market of $400 million closer to the wine industry's $40 billion. Tippsy is open now and currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to promote a monthly subscription service.

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