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New Research Advocates Tea Is Healthier Than Modern Drinks for Children

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Updated 8:43 AM CDT, Mon, April 13,2015

Researchers say polyphenols within the tea suppress or kill the bacterial growth as well as to prevent an enzyme accountable for transforming carbohydrates into the tacky coating plaque that usually stick to teeth. Tea also avoid some plaque germs from clumping together, which promote the bacteria cleaning.

Fairhope, AL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/13/2015 -- By the 90's the number of young kids drinking tea had dropped to around a third and nowadays the NDNS (National Diet and Nutrition Survey doesn't even record it.

As children's' tea intake has declined, their waistlines have broadened. The latest Health Study for Britain discovered that one out of three kids aged 10 to 11 were overweight or obese and over a fifth of kids going reception classes were pudgy.

Tea, in comparison, is low-acidic and a natural source of fluoride, which strengthens gums and teeth, also medical tests show tea may also help prevent gum infection and cavities.

Increased intake of sweet beverages isn't the only reason behind the obesity crisis, but several specialists think their popularity is an essential factor to unhealthy weight in both adults and kids, that's why some are now calling to get a health tax to control sales.

However, a study just published within the Journal of PHN (Public-Health Nutrition) confirms that the moderate consumption of caffeine isn't just safe for kids but a couple of cups of tea each day can increase brain-power and sporting efficiency.

One research also unveiled that caffeine "considerably elevated the average energy of boys aged 8 to 10" when their efficiency was calculated utilizing stationary bikes. Scientists discovered no proof of issues when caffeine consumption was limited to 2.5mg for each kg of body weight for children over four, which means around two cups for young kids and 2 to 3 for older school-going kids.

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