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Lawu Brown Sugar – To Be the First Brand in China's Brown Sugar Industry

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Updated 11:45 PM CDT, Thu, April 23,2015

The Authenticity of an Intangible Cultural Heritage

Meilan District, Haikou -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/23/2015 -- The Lawu Brown Sugar has a deep rooted connection to the Hainan intangible cultural heritage. Sugarcane has been one of the most popular type of crops in the Hainan Island since ancient times. The farmers in Zuntan, a place near Haikou, make white and brown sugar using their traditional indigenous crafts thereby making sugar the largest native agricultural products. As per the "Annals of Guangdong" and the "Annals of Zhende Qiongtai", Zuntan has 600 years of sugar making history. Traditional sugar making process includes extracting the juice out of the raw material, boiling, cooking and solidifying the process. The bars are then powdered to give them a granule form. The best thing is that these farmers have been recycling the waste or bi-products of sugar ever since they have started making sugar.

Lawu brown sugar is another type of handmade sugar. It is initially seen light brown in color and over a period of time and exposure to air, it turns into reddish brown or tan. This sugar is prepared through conventional processes and high temperature sterilization without losing any nutrients and without adding any additives. This is the safest and most natural forms of food that can be consumed by small and big. Zuntan handmade sugar craft was named as "Hainan provincial intangible cultural heritage of traditional indigenous sugar craft".

Although this indigenous brown sugar is very popular amongst the rural markets, it has struggled to enter the modern day markets due to the availability of machine processed sugars which are available in a lot of forms such as granules and bars. It had to face tough competition from brown granulated sugar that has occupied a majority share in the market. However, today Lawu Brown Sugar is being accepted by the industry because the concept of handmade brown sugar is being appreciated by one and all who have been educated about the advantages of handmade brown sugar. It is now being introduced in the form of candy bars, refined sugar bars and super brown sugar bars. After more than 600 years of accumulation, Lawu brown sugar is now liberated into a new era of handmade sugar.

About Lawu Brown Sugar
Lawu Brown Sugar is a unique form of sugar that has been introduced to the Chinese sugar market. It is also the first brand of brown sugar to ever hit the Chinese market after more than 600 years of wait.

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