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Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for Punto Soave's Latest Line of Handmade Italian Tableware

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Updated 1:45 AM CDT, Fri, June 17,2016

Venice, Italy -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/17/2016 -- Punto Soave, a manufacturer of handmade Italian tableware, recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for his latest line of handcrafted designs. The company produces fine plates and serving dishes for use by high-end chefs to present their dishes in a more beautiful and elegant manner. The brand is committed to providing high-quality artisan dishware to showcase both chefs' creations in restaurants and dishes served in the home.

Each piece is custom-designed for the specific type of food it serves, like breadbaskets, salad bowls and beverage pitchers. Local Venice artisans examine specific recipes to craft serving ware that is as beautiful as it is functional. Chefs also contribute their input in the design to better determine how they would like each dish to be presented, taking into consideration the shapes and colors of the ingredients in the dish. In creating the dishes, the artisans work with a wide variety of materials, including glass, porcelain and various woods.

Punto Soave's products require no shipping costs for deliveries throughout the European Union. Customers in other countries only have to pay the additional cost over what would be required for EU shipping. The company expects to begin shipping its products in late July 2016, with deliveries to be expected in August. As these products are custom-made, production is limited, so orders placed later may experience wait times.

The Kickstarter has a campaign goal of 10,000 Euros, or $11,353 USD. The campaign must achieve at least this amount by July 8, 2016 in order to receive funding. The campaign has already generated an impressive amount of attention and financial support within only a few days of launch. However, it needs even more support to help bring it to fruition.

For a donation of 4 Euros or more, contributors will receive a thank you postcard personally signed by all members of the Punto Soave team. Donors who contribute 19 Euros or more will receive a Bicchiere drinking glass as a thank you gift. At 26 Euros, contributors receive a Foglie breadbasket. For 29 Euros, backers get a Collina dish, and a 35 Euro contribution provides a Lavaro dessert container reward.

At the 39 Euro level, donors will receive an Anfora pitcher, and at 45 Euros, backers receive a Laguna set dish. For 59 Euros, contributors will get a Pianura set dish. At increasing donation levels, backers receive varying combinations of the above listed dishware at a discount off the suggested retail price.

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