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Introducing Perfekt Zero, the Lowest Calorie Alcoholic Drink Ever

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Updated 11:52 AM CST, Wed, March 08,2017

80% of Americans “watch what they eat” but the $220B Alcoholic beverage Industry has completely ignored the health conscious consumer – until now.

San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/08/2017 -- In recent times there have been hundreds if not thousands of innovations to help people count their calories, eat healthier and lead a leaner lifestyle. Every food type from popcorn to soda has had a healthier alternative with lower or zero calories produced, while maintaining a lovable taste. However, there stands one major category of drink that has not been touched by this societal mega-trend: alcoholic beverages. Few people realize the calorie/sugar impact of drinking, even if it is just socially. A single craft beer can have 300 calories and 20 carbs, and there is currently no viable alternative on the market for social or health conscious drinkers. Perfekt Zero is here fill this market void.

Perfekt Zero was designed with the healthy consumer in mind. The drink has just forty-seven calories – half as many as a light beer - making it the lowest calorie alcoholic drink in the world. Thanks to this reduction of calories, if a man switched from drinking craft beer to drinking Perfekt Zero, he could save an average of eighteen pounds of fat every year. Additionally, Perfekt Zero has zero sugars, zero carbs, zero artificial ingredients, and is gluten free, making an even smarter choice. What's more is that it is the only alcoholic drink with electrolytes, which helps reduce hangovers.

In addition to the benefits of Perfekt Zero is the quality with which it is made. The drink was designed to taste better than any other option on the market. As a result, Perfekt Zero is incredibly refreshing for both the palate and the body. To achieve this, the Perfekt Zero team recruited some of the best beverage scientists around, including gold medal winners at the largest spirit tasting competition in North America. As a side benefit, these scientists were able to ensure that the drink is not artificially or genetically modified and that the drink contains no preservatives. Thanks to the effort put in by the Perfekt Zero team, the drink is a pristine blend of light refreshing flavor, slight carbonation, and benefits that are in line with the health conscious consumer's needs.

While the Perfekt Zero formula has already been taste-tested, federal government approved, and other milestones completed such as setting up distribution agreements, there stands one obstacle still in the way: a large scale manufacturing run. To help support this two hundred thousand dollar manufacturing run, the Perfekt Zero team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Patrons will be rewarded with pre-ordered cases of Perfekt Zero at a discounted price. Together, supporters and the Perfekt Zero team can change the world of drinking for the better.

To learn more visit the Indiegogo campaign page.

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