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Gridley Hollow Honey Updates Website with Fresh Look and All Natural Honey Products for Sale

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Updated 8:45 AM CDT, Mon, April 27,2015

Virgil, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/27/2015 -- Gridley Hollow Honey Co is a family owned and operated farm nestled in a peaceful valley beneath Virgil Mountain in Upstate New York, the farm has been producing some of the finest artisanal honey in the world for over 25 years using sustainable methods and providing only pure honey no extra ingredients, including preservatives, flavorings, or colorings added. Gridley Hollow Honey have revealed a new updated website, which features a new streamlined look and simpler user interface for an easy online honey purchasing experience for their buyers.

The initial decision to take their pure honey products online was to target a larger range of clients across US, who appreciate raw honey, farmed using sustainable methods. The new website also has been designed with the concept of educating visitors about the many benefits the use of honey offers, because the long list of benefits The appreciation for honey has increased during the last few years when people have turned to natural, unprocessed and more nutritious food choice among which 100% pure honey is one of the heavy weights for its many antioxidants, naturally occurring nutrients and enzymes which provide an array of health benefits.

To benefit from the goodness honey has to offer nutritionists recommend using honey that is completely pure and ideally in raw form and steering clear of the commercially manufactured honey in the squeeze teddy bear shape bottles. Nutritionist are concerned that a majority of honey available commercially has been processed in some way, the process such as heating or pasteurization kills off the nutritional benefits that are heat sensitive. Raw honey is processed by using a lower degree of heat that will not reduce or alter the natural aspect of the honey; this heat is only necessary for the easier extraction of honey. The updated Gridley Hollow Honey website elaborates: "raw honey is referred to as liquid gold' by many people. To be qualified as raw honey, it cannot be heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit. To reap its many benefits, raw honey should be consumed as is."

Besides being full of nutrition, honey is also a delicious treat that most people love, Gridley Hollow Honey Co believe that like all honeys, theirs has a distinctive taste due to their location which has wildflowers growing in abundance due fueled by sunshine and pure mountain water. Gridley Hollow Honey is available in variable sizes and the summer and fall crops. The people at Gridley Hollow Honey Co believe that their summer and fall crops have their own distinct flavor qualities. According to the company spokesperson the summer crop has a mild and sweet taste perfect to have in tea, on muffins or fresh baked wheat bread or in oatmeal.

Besides having honey as a treat, people have used it for many other purposes since ancient times, honey is extremely versatile. Honey has been used in natural medicine for ages; it is beneficial as a topical treatment because it can help treat burns, scrapes and cuts. Gridley Hollow Honey advises people to apply a thick layer of honey over minor cuts and burns to reap the wound healing benefits because honey has natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. It also works as an antibiotic ointment, which kills bacteria, reduces swelling and protects the skin from dirt and debris. Honey promotes quicker healing as it fuels tissue regeneration, angiogenesis, and fibroblast growth.

Gridley Hollow Honey Co. spokesperson said: "We are excited about the launch of our new updated website, which we have streamlined to match the quality of products Gridley Hollow Honey farm is known for. Honey is full of essential nutrients like vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B5, B6 and C. It also contains essential minerals like magnesium, sodium chlorine, potassium, calcium, sulphur, zinc, phosphate, copper, iron, sulphur and manganese. Not only does honey contain so many vitamins and minerals, it also contains flavonoid pinocembrin. Pinostrobin both supports, and promotes healthy enzyme activity."

Another method of incorporating honey into daily lives is as a beauty treatment, honey is a natural humectant that allows it to provide moisture to skin for smooth and glowing skin. Many people also use honey for the treatment of acne and eczema.

Gridley Hollow Honey online web store aims to make it easier for people in the US to buy high quality honey, and to learn about honey. The company hopes to continue to provide the finest quality of honey and combined with and easy streamed line service.

About Gridley Hollow Honey
Gridley Hollow Honey was founded in 1989. It is a family owned and operated farm nestled in a peaceful valley beneath Virgil Mountain in Upstate New York. Their bees visit wildflowers that are fueled by abundant sunshine and pure mountain water, to produce a healthy and flavorful product. Using sustainable methods, the Gridley Hollow bees make some of the finest artisanal honey in the world.

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