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Food Safety Concerns Require Innovative Kill Step Solutions

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Updated 11:46 AM CDT, Wed, July 26,2017

FDA warnings make it clear how important it is for food companies to introduce an effective kill step in their food processing—and the high pressure processing (HPP) True Fresh HPP provides has demonstrated its effectiveness.

Buena Park, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/26/2017 -- A recent surge of FDA warnings is championing the difficulty food companies have protecting their foods from contamination. The variety of offenses cited demonstrates the vast ways contaminants can enter food.

If the companies warned do not correct their violations, they not only cause a threat to public health— they are subject to seizure of their products and injunctions preventing them from operating. These FDA warnings make it clear how important it is for food companies to introduce an effective kill step in their food processing—and high pressure processing (HPP) has demonstrated its effectiveness.

During and after processing of any food / beverage, it can get contaminated by spoilage and / or disease causing microorganisms leading to food safety and shelf life related issues. Microbial contamination of food / beverage can occur through surrounding air and moisture, through contact surfaces, by people during ingredients and product handling and even through contaminated packaging material. HPP is a proven kill step importantly performed on a finished, sealed packed product at the end of product manufacturing virtually leaving no chance for 'post kill' contamination until the package seal is opened by consumer.

"There are so many ways that various health-threatening contaminants can enter food that it's hard to totally prevent them from being there—except through a proven kill step such as HPP. Both the FDA and USDA recognize the HPP method as effective." Says Harit Vyas, Director of Innovation at True Fresh HPP.

Some of the food processing conditions that the FDA pointed out in its warnings were:

- Failure "to provide HACCP plan control measures that will consistently produce, at a minimum, a 5-log reduction of the pertinent microorganism"
- Failure to "protect against contamination of food on the premises by pests"
- "Freezers did not have thermometers"

These and hundreds of other conditions can cause food contamination, and that contamination must be dealt with for the safety of the public.

True Fresh HPP offers an innovative high pressure processing method that not only kills many contaminants, but also increases food shelf life—often by 10 times. During this processing, finally packaged foods are submerged in water and then 43,500-87,000 pounds per square inch of pressure (more pressure than in the deepest parts of the ocean) are applied. This eliminates pathogens such as Escherichia coli (E. coli), Salmonella, and Listeria as well as other bacteria, yeasts, molds, and enzymes that can cause food degradation and spoilage during storage.

"It's important for food companies to pay attention to FDA warnings such as these—both for public safety and for their own success in the marketplace. True Fresh HPP provides a process that overcomes many of their food contamination challenges." Says Harit Vyas, Director of Innovation at True Fresh HPP.

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