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Culinary Cupid Is Reimagining Date Night with a Monthly Shared Home Cooking Experience

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Updated 9:33 AM CDT, Wed, June 15,2016

Boston, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/15/2016 -- Culinary Cupid, the innovative new monthly subscription box bringing date night back with a shared culinary experience, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Every month the professionals at Culinary Cupid get together and plan the perfect themed date night. Starting with a destination, they put together a recipe, mix a unique spice blend, build a mood-setting playlist, include a kitchen gadget, and plan out the best beverage pairings to create the ultimate experience for subscribers.

"We wanted to give couples an opportunity to reconnect. To take the time and actually focus on each other and not work, bills, the kids etc. Food- and cooking it with your significant other- can be such a sexy, shared bonding experience," says COO Chris Greene, "Why not schedule a date night, take the time to go shopping together, learn some new cooking techniques and recipes, and spend some time reconnecting over food, music, and a game."

As soon as the package arrives the date begins for users. Couples can go shopping together with the included recipe list. Set up the included Spotify playlist perfectly paired and curated for the night. One person can light the candles and dim the lights while the other starts cutting the veggies. Monthly conversation starter games are included making Culinary Cupid the ultimate end-to-end romantic night for users.

The entire experience has been designed to provide a completely present moment for subscribers and their significant others. Included is an Anti-Diversion TechnoPouch in the "Welcome Box" which is a sound proof package for users phones, keeping distractions away and the focus on the moment and the other person. Culinary Cupid is primarily designed for couples that want to ignite that spark into their relationship, whether budding or established.

"There are other food subscription boxes out there, but none that are really focusing on the experience around a date night. It's not just a meal, but a whole experience. While Culinary Cupid does not include the fresh ingredients, we see this as a plus," adds Greene, "You don't have to feel stressed to prepare the food before it goes bad. Many of the hard to find ingredients are included and shopping, planning and preparing the meal are all part of the experience. A couple has time to plan a real date night- an opportunity to tune everything else out and focus on each other."

Culinary Cupid is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Culinary Cupid
Culinary Cupid is an innovative "date-night-delivered" subscription box. Every month you'll receive a new box with contents that focus on a different world location. Get complete recipes, unique spices, those hard to find ingredients, a complete shopping list and so much more - right to your door step! Plus we include a handy kitchen gadget and a conversation-starter game to set the perfect mood. From sushi to paella, Culinary Cupid is bringing romance back ... right through your kitchen!

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