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Chef Hessler Garlic Peeler Silicone Tube Roller Becomes a Fast Selling Product on Amazon

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Updated 2:19 PM CDT, Fri, April 10,2015

Chef Hessler silicone garlic peeler is easy to use and carries a money-back guarantee. The device is a tool for every kitchen. The Garlic Peeler And E-book comes with a Money-Back Guarantee

Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/10/2015 -- Chef Hessler is pleased to announce the launch of his ultimate silicone garlic peeler tube roller on The product is sold by Chef Hessler and fulfilled by with a 100 percent guarantee of satisfaction. Included with each garlic peeler is a bonus garlic-based recipes e-book with 50 chef-tested recipes.

The six-inch length makes the peeler easy to hold. It works well on small cloves and equally well on elephant cloves. The material is food-grade silicone, so users know it is safe. The silicone is safe to run through the dishwasher. Just rinsing it with hot tap water makes the peeler quickly ready to re-use. Because the device is heat resistant to 480 degrees F, it makes a handy protective handle for hot pans.

The ribbed technology helps to make the job of peeling garlic easier and faster. Users no longer have to be overwhelmed by the odor of garlic on fingers and hands. The cloves are clean and whole. There is no problem with the cloves slipping out of the fingers, or of the skins sticking to fingers, knives and other implements.

Two cloves can be peeled at the same time. It takes less than ten seconds to peel the cloves. Just insert the unpeeled garlic clove into the tube and roll it back and forth on a hard surface. The papery skin comes off the cloves, and the hands stay perfectly clean.

The Chef Hessler Ultimate Silicone Garlic Peeler comes accompanied by the special recipe book "Best 50 Healthy Garlic-Based Recipes". The book is a $4.95 value, and it is absolutely free with the garlic peeler.

The product has become a huge hit on Amazon and has become one of their fastest selling products since it's release.

randie1995 who bought Chef Hessler silicone garlic peeler said:

"I love our Chef Keller Silicone Garlic Peeler; I used it tonight and it was so easy to use. I loved that it made peeling the Garlic easy and that your hands don't smell after words like they do when you use other peelers. Plus the silicone makes it so much easier to use. I cut the ends off my garlic and put it inside the peeler and rubbed the peel off so easily. After that was done doing so, the peel could easily be dropped into the trashcan, and it resulted in clean garlic, which was so nice. I then used my fresh garlic to make garlic bread and boy was it good!!! Of course, you could use your garlic for whatever you want.

This product is really nice because of it's tube shape, and you can put it in your dishwasher and not have anything to worry about, it would not tare up:) Big Plus in my book!! It would also be easy to clean with a bottlebrush if you do not have a dishwasher. I received this product to review at little or no cost, and this is my honest review of this product.

My favorite part was it is easy to use. It also comes with an e-booklet to show you all the different ways to use it:) Not to mention a 100% money back guarantee so really there is no harm in ordering it. Most sellers don't offer that:) Give it a try if you're like me and love garlic."

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About Chef Hessler Garlic Peeler Silicone Tube Roller
Chef Hessler Garlic Peeler Silicone Tube Roller comes accompanied by the special recipe book "Best 50 Healthy Garlic-Based Recipes". The book is a $4.95 value, and it is absolutely free with the garlic peeler.

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