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American Design Firm Invents the Most Satisfying Storage Container Ever

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Updated 12:00 PM CST, Thu, January 25,2018

Dover, DE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/25/2018 -- We all like our home neat and tidy. But to keep things organized is usually a tedious and an endless work. An American design firm has found a better way to accomplish the task with a "satisfying canister."

"Nowadays we can buy almost everything online," says Terence Myers, the Chief Creative Officer of Botto Design. "Books, toys, electronics, clothes, food, whatever you can imagine. Life is getting easier, and we keep more stuff at home."

"Our living standards have never been higher, but the way how we organize our belongings has not improved significantly. I'm both a product designer and an interior designer. I've seen a lot of beautiful homes in perfect condition, but most of them share the same problem," Terence adds, "their pantries, cabinets, and even countertops are terribly chaotic. They are in a total mess. Either no storage container is used at all, or more oftentimes than not, no SUITABLE storage container is being used."

"Wrong storage containers trap excess air that spoils the food. Space is also lost because most containers are not fully filled. You might have a gorgeous pantry shelf, but you are wasting 50% of your storage space, and you are spoiling 90% of your food."

Never before did we take the problem seriously.

"But we believe, every problem comes with a solution," said Terence.

That's why Botto Design is going to introduce the ½ Smart Storage System – the most satisfying storage container ever in the world.

The ½ Smart Storage System is functional and easy to use. Just open the lid, fill the container with food, close the lid, and press it down. What users get is a larger storage capacity but with less air inside.

Users can adjust the storage capacity by pulling up or pushing down the container body. Its patented one-way check valve creates the satisfying swoosh sound when air escapes. The modular design makes it stackable. Countertop, pantry, and cabinet are better organized than ever.

The ½ Smart Storage System is constructed of US FDA-grade, food-safe, BPA-free, phthalate-free and toxic-free materials. Every single piece is made to last. Botto Design gives a limited lifetime warranty on replaceable parts.

All the product design, engineering, and development are done by Botto Design in the United States of America.

The ½ Smart Storage System was named a 2018 Housewares Design Awards Finalist. The Housewares Design Awards is the most prestigious design award program focused on housewares design innovation. Founded by HomeWorld Business, it is dubbed as the "Academy Awards" in the industry.

Botto Design is going to launch a campaign on Kickstarter. Unlike many other projects that do not start making the tooling until they successfully raise their capital on the world's largest crowd-funding platform, Botto Design has already made the production tooling before the campaign even begins. The purpose of the campaign is to give special Kickstarter offers to those who love organization products.

The 1/2 Smart Storage System will be available to early backers for $10.

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