The Flow Bag

Problem: Women all over the world suffer under the unjust taboos of menstruation. In industrialized countries it is seen as disgusting and embarrassing, while in developing countries it is seen as shameful, unclean, or a disease. For many women suffering the worst of these stigmas, troubles are compounded by lack of menstrual hygiene education and products. These two issues cause girls to drop out of school, enter into child marriages, and perpetuate the cycle of inequality for women. Solution: The Flow Bag is a fun yet practical way to carry menstrual necessities while facing taboos. Each bag sold will help fund organizations in the US and abroad that are ending the stigma and other issues with menstrual hygiene. Quick Facts The Flow Bag is an online social enterprise based in Paducah, KY. Indiegogo campaign Facebook Twitter and Instagram @theflowbag Jessica Lambert- Founder Whenever I see an issue I always want to lend a creative hand. I’ve always created my own quirky solutions to problems. One day I was finally fed up looking for my go-to menstrual products in my purse. I took to the internet to find a solution and only came across a few homemade items. So, of course, I designed my own. And then I came up with a few more design ideas! I got quite a few laughs that started conversations about my knowledge of the issues which led me to realize that I had to get these to women everywhere. What a great way to spread the word and raise money to fight for the rights of the menstruating, so that one day we can all be period proud!

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