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Village Catering Taking Clients Interested in Airline Catering Services Throughout Fall and Winter 2017

LogoLocal catering company Village Catering is proud to announce that they are now taking on local clients interested in airline catering services. Airline catering, which can include service to multiple airports in the Philadelphia area as well as private catering for chartered planes, has become a popular option amongst businesses that frequently deal with VIP guests and special presenters.

Village Catering Now Booking Fundraisers and Other Events at the Cottage Green for Winter 2017

LogoVillage Catering is pleased to announce that they are now accepting reservations for any and all special events coming up later in the year, especially fundraisers. The company has become popular with local business owners and charity organizers thanks to the company's large and impressive banquet hall and their wide variety of menu options.

Village Catering Announces Catering Services Are Available for 2018 Spring Weddings

LogoAs one of the most loved providers of wedding catering in Philadelphia, local residents will be pleased to know that Village Catering is announcing their availability to help cater even more 2018 spring weddings.

Village Catering Now Booking 2018 Winter Sports Galas and Other Events at Cottage Green

LogoSports galas and other exciting events are worth remembering. With the right planning and a little bit of creative flair, a social event can be transformed into a lasting memory. At Village Catering, exceptional value and trusted customer satisfaction combine to make one of the leading catering companies in the state of Pennsylvania. Village Catering is now booking 2018 winter sports galas and other events at Cottage Green. Guests will praise the incredible menu and the breathtaking venue provided by Village Catering for whatever sports gala or special event on the calendar.

Village Catering Now Booking 2017 Holiday Parties and Other Events

LogoHoliday parties and other events should be both enjoyable and memorable. With over thirty years under their belt, Village Catering is the industry leader when it comes to helping their guests with holiday parties and other gatherings. Village Catering is now booking 2017 holiday parties and events for those party-planners looking to get a jump start on the season. Village Catering knows what it takes to plan a successful holiday party.

Village Catering Now Booking Weddings for Fall 2018 and Beyond

LogoWeddings are special events that take both time and patience to plan, and the experts at Village Catering understand what it takes to prepare for that special day. From creating the right menus to spreading the right tablecloths, Village Catering knows what a wedding requires. With over thirty years of expertise in the catering industry, Village Catering is the name to trust. Village Catering is now booking weddings for Fall 2018 and beyond.

Village Catering Can Cater Any Outdoor Party This Summer and Beyond

LogoThis summer, Village Catering is seeking to provide their elite catering services to those hosting outdoor events of all kinds. Families and friends can get together for pool parties, barbecues, picnics, games, drinks, and more to enjoy the warm weather as well as each other's company. Whatever the cause for celebration, make it hassle-free by hiring Village Catering, known as the premier caterers in the Philadelphia area.

Village Catering Provides Superior Bar Options

LogoAt Cottage Green, Village Catering matches their elite catering services by providing one of the most elegant reception venues near Southampton, PA. Capable of hosting any special event such as weddings, anniversaries, bridal showers, baby showers, engagements parties, graduation parties, and more, Village Catering will go above and beyond to meet any client's needs. With so many options to choose from, including custom packages, they also offer a wide array of options for serving alcohol.

Village Catering Now Booking Dream Weddings and Much More at Cottage Green for Summer 2018

LogoVillage Catering has openings available at one of the best wedding halls in PA, Cottage Green. It is the perfect place to host any special event. They can cater and host weddings, graduation parties, engagement parties, bridal showers, and corporate events, and have done so for more than 30 years.

Village Catering Available to Cater Independence Day Events

LogoThis Independence Day, Village Catering is looking to provide their first-rate catering services to those hosting special events of all types. Families and friends alike get together for picnics, barbecues, drinks, fireworks and more to commemorate the anniversary of the United States of America declaring it's independence from the British Empire. Make the celebrations hassle-free by employing Village Catering, known best for their wedding catering in Philadelphia.

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