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UK Pig Production on the Rise

The latest figures from Defra show that pig meat production is steadily increasing in the UK. The statistics showed that figures for March were at 79,800 tonnes of output, an increase of 5%. Clean pig slaughterings also rose by 3% for the month standing at 920,000 head, being heavier when compared with March 2015 at an average weight of 83.1kg... a whopping kilo more.

1 Million Shoulder Joints Suggests Pulled Pork Campaign Is off to a Positive Start

AHDB Pork, a prominent organisation behind the UK Pork industry, has recently been involved in launching the industry's latest 'pulled pork campaign' for 2016. This indicates that the 'pulled' form of the meat is highly popular and seen as productively marketable –complemented by a new TV ad which took place on ITV and the emphasis that over a million pork shoulder joints are easily available for British public to buy and create their own pork. That February saw the start of the campaign and that it is taking shape through March, highlights the importance of pulled meat as raising the profile of pork as a whole.

Yorkshire Pudding Day Draws Attention to More of the County's Fine Food: The Yorkshire Pig Responds

The recent celebrations for British Yorkshire Pudding Day, which fell on the 7th February 2016, have drawn attention to a wider trend; a popular focus on Yorkshire's cuisine as a whole. The county is often famed for its substantial and iconic food – including not only the puddings themselves, but also foodstuffs such as Wensleydale Cheese, and particularly popular right now, pulled pork. A number of Yorkshire pudding day events actually drew further attention to pork as a product; for example the Hog's Head Inn in Alnwick celebrated the occasion by having a competition to create some of the biggest and best puddings, served up with a variety of roasted meats.

Leeds Indie Food Festival Is Set to Return; Celebrating the Best of Yorkshire Food

It has recently been announced that Leeds Indie Food Festival is set to return in 2016, following a highly popular event in 2015. The festival took place on a city-wide scale and originally started out by championing Leeds' independent food industry. The coming year is set to incorporate more businesses than ever and showcase to the public a range of edible delicacies from around Yorkshire.

Pig Breeding Should Be About Quality over Quantity, Recent Research Says

Research by the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) in Hillsborough last month found that piglets born heavy but weaned to be lighter are actually less likely to perform as well as piglets born light but weaned to be heavier.

BPEX Campaign Underway to Promote Pork for Young Shoppers, the Yorkshire Pig Responds

UK hog roasting company, The Yorkshire Pig, have recently commented on the campaign the British Pig Executives (BPEX) are planning to start, which hopes to promote pork in a way which will draw young shoppers to purchasing the meat.

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