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The Fresh Works and Football Season: A Match Made in Heaven

LogoWith the NFL just passing the halfway point of the season, this year's football season has shown a lot of surprise and excitement. From the local favorite Philadelphia Eagles sitting comfortably with the best record in football to the surprising New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Rams, the NFL has been action-packed all season long. Those looking to host friends and family for football on Sunday should look no further than the Fresh Works for supplying delicious food and snacks. Voted for having the best sandwiches in Philadelphia, the Fresh Works is the best option for having food while watching football on the weekends.

The Fresh Works Offers a Variety of Delicious Menu Options This Fall

LogoThe Fresh Works is serving Philadelphia and Bucks County with the freshest cheesesteaks and most delicious menu options available this fall. With Philadelphia's reputation for cheesesteaks, The Fresh Works gives their competition a run for their money.

The Fresh Works Offers Corporate Catering in Philadelphia

LogoBusiness owners looking for the freshest catering and best sandwiches in Philadelphia for their next corporate event are encouraged to contact the Fresh Works.

Let The Fresh Works Take Football Weekends to the Next Level

LogoThe Fresh Works, one of the best places to get a hoagie in Philadelphia, is excited for the long-awaited return of college football and the NFL season. It's been six months since Tom Brady led the New England Patriots to one of the greatest comeback wins in history during Super Bowl LI against the Atlanta Falcons.

Let The Fresh Works Cater This Season's Fantasy Football Draft

LogoSince its founding in 1701 by William Penn, Philadelphia has built a reputation for being famous for an array of things. At the top of the list would have to be hoagies. Philadelphia has long been famous for cheesesteaks and hoagies. A great sandwich is not hard to find in Philly and the surrounding areas. With The Fresh Works locations in Richboro, Woodhaven, Mayfair, Audubon and Levittown, finding a great hoagie in Bucks County and surrounding areas has never been easier.

The Fresh Works Can Cater Any Event This Summer

LogoThe best hoagies in Philly aren't hard to find. The Fresh Works, which has locations in Richboro, Port Richmond, Woodhaven, Mayfair, Audubon and Levittown, is the clear choice to go to for sandwiches. Those that are looking for the best hoagies, cheesesteaks and wings in the Greater Philadelphia & Bucks County area will love the wide selection available on their menu.

The Fresh Works Creates the Best Sandwiches in Philly This Summer

LogoSince 1996, the Fresh Works has created the best hoagies in Philly. Kevin Mooney and John Parish started their company after working for years in local shops. They have created the Fresh Works, which is a unique sandwich shop that only sells fresh food. The key to their sandwiches are the bread, and that is what keeps bringing people back for more in Mayfair, Levittown, Port Richmond, Richboro, and on Woodhaven Road in Northeast Philadelphia.

Customers Go to the Fresh Works for Great Food Options This Spring

LogoAnyone searching for the best cheesesteaks, wings or hoagies in Philly, can count on the passionate staff at The Fresh Works for the most delicious food menu options around. With five locations in Richboro, Port Richmond, Woodhaven and Levittown—and one currently being built in Audubon, NJ—there's no reason for customers throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area to go anywhere else when hunger strikes. In fact, The Fresh Works has spent over 21 years refining their menu to include only the most enticing food options in the city. Their staff recognizes how they cater to a wide variety tastes and preferences; which is exactly why they're able to draw such a large customer base.

Customers Go to the Fresh Works for the Best Party Trays in Philly

LogoWhen hosts need caterers in Philadelphia or any of its surrounding areas, they know to turn to the pros at The Fresh Works for the perfect variety of party trays. Whether someone is planning a birthday party, retirement party, graduation party, holiday party, bar mitzvah, picnic or any other type of event, it's their main responsibility to provide all guests with delicious food options. Customers are encouraged to supplement their special get togethers this spring with the greatest food in Philly. By satisfying everyone's hunger, hosts will promote a better environment for rich conversations and belly laughs between family and friends.

The Fresh Works Offers the "Freshest" Food and Party Platters

LogoAnyone searching for a reputable sandwich shop offering food delivery in Philadelphia, PA or any of its surrounding areas, can rest assured knowing that The Fresh Works has the "freshest" food menu options around. Through this convenient service, the experienced staff at The Fresh Works encourages customers to remain in the comfort of their own homes as they can deliver appetizing food straight to their door steps. From wraps, burgers, hoagies and cheesesteaks to wings, grinders, pizza and so much more, the Fresh Works has it all.

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