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Stahmanns Pecans Presents Tip Sheet for Making Pecan Flour

LogoPecan flour is a wonderful alternative to wheat flour for cooking and baking. Not only does pecan flour add a warm, nutty flavor to recipes, but also provides pecan health benefits from its high levels of protein, fiber, and Vitamin E. With certified bulk pecans, a sifter, and a food processor, coffee grinder, or blender, you can easily make pecan flour at home:

Stahmanns Pecans Provides Tip Sheet on Best Practices for Storing Pecans

LogoEvery so often, customers want to know how to store pecans when buying pecans in bulk. Stahmanns Pecans processes and sells its brand of wholesale pecans for both commercial and industrial markets. The health benefit of pecans comes from a good source of protein, manganese, and unsaturated fats. However, these high levels of oil in pecans make these nuts prone to rancidity and spoilage, especially if they are not stored properly.

Stahmanns Pecans Announces Pecan Recipe Pinterest Board

LogoStahmanns Pecans, one of the largest providers for pecans in bulk in the world, announces the launch of a Pecan Recipe Repository on Pinterest at

Pension Fund Invests in Stahmann Farms Enterprises

LogoA Canadian pension fund, Public Sector Pension Investment Board (PSP Investments), has purchased a majority stake in Stahmann Farms Enterprises, Australia's largest pecan grower.

Advantages of the Bradley Pecan Tree - The Queen of Pecans

LogoStahmann Farms, one of the largest pecan growers in the world, has a 3,200 acre pecan farm that produces between eight and nine million pounds of bulk pecan nuts every year. These pecan nuts come from three main varieties of pecan trees on the estate: Western Schley, Wichita, and the Bradley. Of the three, the Bradley tends to be less popular, but not according to Deane Stahmann, who once said "If the Western Schley is the king of pecans, then Bradley is the queen."

Tip Sheet: Stahmann Pecan Shares Top Tips on Pecan Use in Specialty Foods

LogoStahmann Pecan, one of their two family-owned pecan farms, has produced pecans since 1932 in the Mesilla Valley. They're known as one of the largest producers of pecans in the world and are located on 3,200 acres with over 168,000 pecan trees. Over the years, Stahmann Pecan has developed a system for harvesting pecans to consistently deliver quality to many industries. One of the top two areas of the food industry they identified as beneficial to being a supplier is specialty and gourmet foods.

Stahmann Pecan Announces New Website for Their Family Owned Pecan Farm

LogoStahmann Pecan, a 3,200 acre family owned pecan farm in southern New Mexico, announces the redesign of their website. As part of Stahmann's commitment to quality and experience, they've rebuilt the site for visitors and customers to navigate easily.

Stahmann Pecans Reveals Newly Designed Website

LogoStahmann Pecan, the family owned and operated pecan company, announced today a newly designed website for information about the company, its processing facilities, and how to buy pecans. The website offers a variety of thoughtful features that help gourmet and specialty food customers explore the company's reliability and years of farming experience.

Tip Sheet: How Kosher Pecans Enhance Products in the Specialty Food Industry

LogoStahmann's Pecans operates an extensive pecan farm and sells kosher pecan nuts that are a favorite in the specialty food industry. Kosher pecans have helped to bring high quality pecan nuts to the industry and are sold to companies across the nation. Specialty shops use kosher pecans for gourmet foods because the nuts have special health benefits. Kosher certifications must be earned by pecan growers and signify that the pecans have no additives. Nuts that are sold in stores usually have added oils and salt. Stahmann's Pecans are organic and kosher.

Stahmanns Pecans Re-Brands, Bringing Their Quality Specialty to Social Networks

LogoStahmanns Pecans is renovating from the inside out in order to extend their reach to new, specialty-food companies that incorporate only the highest-quality Kosher pecans in their products. The effort is complete with a makeover aimed at modern appeal. As the process moves forward, consumers and retailers can expect to see Stahmanns Pecans with an increased presence on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pintrest.

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