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8th Annual Gluten Free Awards Released

The results have been tabulated for the 8th Annual Gluten-Free Awards presented by The Gluten-Free Buyers Guide. This year 3,102 people participated in the voting process. The 83,301 individual responses in 60 categories are compiled in the 2018 Gluten Free Buyers Guide and used for gluten free shoppers and grocery category managers. Award results will be officially released on November 24, 2017 (Black Friday). The 2018 Gluten Free Buyers Guide will be exclusively distributed through Amazon for the first three months. On November 24, 2017 (Black Friday) through November 27, 2017 (Cyber Monday) the guide will be available for download at Amazon at no cost.

George's Greek Grill Offers Fresh Catering Services Across Los Angeles

Whether seeking something healthy yet filling for a business event, or catering for your special event, George's Greek Grill serves up the goods, combining traditional Greek hospitality with food that melts mouths – and hearts.

Orderfoood Technologies: The Ultimate Delivery Solution Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Orderfoood Technologies has announced that it is inviting everyone through the crowdfunding platform of Kickstarter to participate in its recently launched fundraising campaign. The American company based in Las Vegas, Nevada has introduced a new delivery system that will get everyday items such as food, groceries, alcohol, baby supplies and pet food, etc. delivered to the doorstep of the user. The users of this system will be able to place their orders using their phone or via apps such Viber, Netflix, Airbnb, WhatsApp etc.

Wing Heaven Announces Franchise Expansion Throughout the United States

Michigan based restaurant giant, "Wing Heaven", gives individuals a chance to own their companies with its franchise expansion.

New Missoula Coffee Roaster with a Conservative Twist

Conservative Coeur d'Alene Coffee Roaster, Lake City Coffee will soon be opening operations in Missoula Montana. The owners of Lake City Coffee, Russell & Alisha Volz, believe that Missoula Coffee Roasters, by and large, have been following the big industrial coffee companies in Seattle and Portland; allowing them to define what coffee should taste like. What they fail to realize is that Missoula coffee drinkers are different.

New Kickstarter Campaign Discovers 3 New Atmospheric Fountains, Bottling It

Savia Atmospheric Waters is a new Kickstarter project that will bring forth new atmospheric drinking waters from the newly discovered ice atmospheric fountain in 2014.

Random Nest Reveals Their Tea and Culture Journey and Purpose

As a group of tea lovers, the team behind the concept of the unique tea and art boutique Random Nest wanted to share their story. Coming from a place where team holds a strong cultural significance, the minds behind Random Nest want to combine the simple pleasure drinking of tea, with art and culture, along with a sense of fulfilment which can only be achieved through helping those in need. Their aim is to not only provide a unique and enjoyable experience to their customers but also help support and encourage the global tea farmers and producers and budding artists. The founder of Random Nest, Astha Saini explained "Random Nest is our unending quest to do more and give more. Tea and Art are an essence of our culture. As much as they belong together, they are often seen singular on shelves. This is our humble attempt to bring the two together, and fill you with an exciting mental appetite. And as you do that, we want to leave you with a satisfying feeling of gratitude.

Artisanal Hot Cocoa Blend Campaign Successfully Quadrupled Its Funding Goal

It seems that everyone loves the decadent goodness of malt milkshakes from the 1960s because the Kickstarter campaign from Malty the Bear for their upcoming Artisanal Hot Cocoa blend inspired by malt shakes of 60s has successfully reached their initial funding goal of $1000. The small business aims to develop Malty the Brear which will be a delicious hot chocolate drink blend using high-quality ingredients. Gaia Tea is hoping that more people will join their campaign as it nears the end of its successful run on Wed, March 8, 2017.

Fogo De Chao Updates Their Menu Price List on Top Restaurant Prices

One of the most recommended and famous churrascarias of America – Fogo de Chao has recently updated their menu price list on Top Restaurant Prices. After the update, Fogo de Chao has received an amazing feedback from the readers of Top Restaurant Prices as well as from the customers of Fogo de Chao – and everyone is currently talking about the wide range of high-quality premium dishes that Fogo de Chao is offering at competitive prices.

Red Lobster Features Its Menu Prices on Top Restaurant Prices

Widely recommend and one of the most popular restaurants of America – Red Lobster features its menu prices on a widely trusted food website 'Top Restaurant Prices'.

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