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Grow & Harvest: Market for Hydroponic Vegetables Is Set to Rise with Urbanization

The market for hydroponics vegetables is set to rise with urbanization and to develop consumer awareness regarding the risk of contaminated veg boosting the demand for vegetables grown in a special way across the world.

Hydroponic Veg Market Expected to Grow at Impressive Rate: Grow & Harvest Comments

A recent article published on the Horticulture Week website has stated that the market for hydroponically grown vegetables is expected to grow at an impressive rate, from now up until 2022. This is said to be because of the increased popularity of diseases and rising demand for fresh produce around the world.

Vegetables to Replace Meat: Grow & Harvest Comments

For years meat has been the centre-point of the American dinner plate, with vegetables a lot of the time being used simply to add colour and accessorise the meat- however according to a number of reports this could now be changing, with more and more people choosing vegetables over meat.

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