Field of Tea

Handpicked Teas and Tea Décor from is pleased to present an exclusive range of tea and tea brewing accessories for the tea lovers out there. Tea pots, strainers, filters, tea trays, tea décor and many more are available here. Green Tea, Black Tea and Herbal Tea – these names come with refreshing thoughts. One can be enriched both mentally and spiritually in countless ways with just a cup of freshly brewed tea. That is why the ancient Chinese have made tea an integral part of their lives. So much so that tea is treated with great respect. It is a tradition in Chinese weddings that the newly-weds serve tea to their parents. It is a symbol of love, respect, purity, care, fertility and stability. Pu erh tea, Tieguanyin oolong tea and Jinjunmei black tea are often served in these ceremonies. offers all these traditional teas and many more handpicked teas for their customers.

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