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Flavor Flo Launched a Kickstarter Campaign to Bring Flavored Water for Everyone

LogoLauren Barone has invented the revolutionary device called Flavor-Flo for everyone. The device will prepare flavored drinks such as Kool Acid, Ice Tea, Flavored Water and several other delicious beverages for everyone. Lauren has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to back her patented creation and she is now seeking community support from everyone.

Patagonia's BBQ Has an Exciting New Menu in Brick, New Jersey

LogoPatagonia's BBQ, a recently opened barbecue restaurant with its first location in Brick, New Jersey.

Sweet Candy Co. Goes Au Natural: Now Offering Chocolate Jelly Sticks with Real Fruit Juice

LogoSweet Candy Company unveils the newest version of its iconic Orange Sticks at the industry's Sweets & Snacks Expo, May 23 – 25, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois.

The Casual Cat Cafe Is Coming Soon in DWF & It Will Be a Game-Changer for Cat-Lovers

LogoJohn and Cindy, a Texas couple, has announced that they will be starting The Casual Cat Cafe & Lounge in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The start-up will offer local food, beverages and cat themed items for visitors and will also give them cuddle time with adoptable cats. In order to achieve this adorable goal, both John and Cindy are seeking public support by raising funds on Kickstarter with a goal to raise $25,000 by Wednesday May 17, 2017.

Patagonia's BBQ Announces Grand Opening in Brick, New Jersey

LogoPatagonia's BBQ, a new Argentinian Barbeque restaurant has opened its first location in Brick, New Jersey.

Bon-Apettreat Announces the Launch of Its New Website and a Range of Premium Quality Dried Cat and Dog Food

LogoBon-Apettreat has recently announced it official launch, providing pet owners with the best of dog and cat food. Bon-Apettreat has a wide range of premium quality dried dog and cat food made available at extremely affordable prices.

Open Source Organics Is West Hollywood's Favorite Pressed-Juice Bar

LogoThe West Hollywood juice bar, Open Source Organics is known not only for their delicious pressed juices, but also their smoothies, tonix, acai bowls, and vegan meals. As a West Hollywood juice bar they are committed to maintaining a 100% transparency policy that makes them a trusted and integral part of the community.

Mark James Creative Adds a New Flavour to Their Beef Jerky Collection

LogoMark James Creative initially started with just a single flavour of gourmet sauce. However, the company soon expanded its work and they have recently added a new flavour of beef jerky. This new flavour is called as spicy BBQ beef jerky and it is currently being offered on a kick-starter project.

QCrew BBQ Catering Debuts New Pickup Service

LogoQCrew BBQ Catering Co., known for serving quality barbecue at graduations, casual weddings and other celebrations since 1995, is pleased to announce the launch of its new pickup service.

Millionstore: Delivering Future Into Present

LogoAnother amazing invention has been introduced to the world all the way from Germany in form of this amazing cool box by Millionstore that will save tons of CO2 emissions around the world. The cool box is designed by an existing online retailer specializing in saving CO2 and it will help transportation of food from manufacturer to the customer like never before. The solution patented by German engineers will not only bring the goods directly from the manufacturer to the end customer, but will also save CO2 by almost 50% along with other costs. Moreover, with this amazing innovation, customers will have access to over €600,000,000 worth of goods.

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