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A French Family from Boston Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Delicious Pastries

LogoA French family of four residing in Boston has proudly announced that they will create delicious homemade pastries and cakes for everyone in the Boston area. The family has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for this healthy cause and they are inviting everyone to generously support them in raising funds for their project. They have promised to create these bake goods for vegans and these will be gluten free products that are freshly baked.

Projects of Earth Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Publish Cookbook

LogoWith 212 award-winning chefs from around the world contributing their unique flavors from over 196 countries, the Celebration of Difference - One Dish at a Time Cookbook is filled with more than 300 recipes and 350 full-color photographs.  These award-winning chefs have owned, managed, and cooked at top-rated restaurants around the world.  They are now sharing their passion for food with recipes, techniques, and tips straight from their kitchens.

Bona Fide Foods Adds Spanish Ham, Saffron and Sherry Vinegar to Its Luxury Food Offerings

LogoMaria Molina, public relations director for Bona Fide Foods, announced that the importer and supplier of traditional Spanish foods has added Jamon Iberico, saffron and sherry vinegar to its roster of ingredients.

QCHEFS Cheese Bones for Dogs Are Coming Soon via Kickstarter

LogoQCHEFS is proudly bringing a great gift from the man to the man's best friend with its amazing dog treats. The project aims to introduce the healthy as well as tasty cheese bones for dogs that will stop bad breath and tartar. In addition, the dog treats introduced by the German based company are free of grain, sugar, lactose or any kind of additives.

Robert Nowlin Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Rising Kale Farms

LogoRobert Nowlin started Rising Kale Farms as a project in sustainability.  Currently, the farm raises free-range, cage free, organic chicken, duck, and quail for their eggs.  These eggs are distributed to families in need.  Rising Kale Farms continues to expand its reach and spread awareness through the local farmer's market scene.

Gotta Lotta Gelata Truck Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoGotta Lotta Gelata is an all new and amazing project started by a team of inspiring sisters from the US who aim to bring artisanal gelato to the Mid-Atlantic America. In order to bring these amazing delights to the people, these sisters are now seeking community support on the crowdfunding platform of Kickstarter and they are welcoming everyone to generously make their contributions in the project.

The Well Coffeehouse and Marketplace Wins 'Best Ribs, Best Salads and Best Family Spot in Delaware' Designation by Delaware Today

LogoThe Well Coffeehouse and Marketplace, a Delaware-based restaurant putting all profits towards local and global missions to help children and families in need, was granted the "Best Ribs, Best Salads and Best Family Spot in Delaware" designation by Delaware Today, a publication geared towards being the "lifestyle authority" in the First State. Delaware Today's "2017 Best of Delaware" section represents the state's top restaurants, shops, destinations and more, with such categories as Food & Drink: Upstate, Food & Drink: Downstate, Retailers, Services & Activities: Upstate, Retailers, Services & Activities: Downstate and Party Info.

Evyl Confections Has Launched a Kickstarter Campaign for Its Sinfully Delicious Fudges

LogoEvyl Confections has announced that it will create and provide homemade small batch confections that are freshly made to the doorstep of its customers. The New Orleans based American company aims to provide a fun and exciting menu pushing the boundaries of taste and texture. The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to seek community support for these delights and it is welcoming everyone to back and support this campaign.

Okanogan Gold Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Its Cannabis Friendly Resort Food Truck

LogoOkanogan Gold Resort has announced that it is now seeking community support on the crowdfunding platform of Indiegogo for its cannabis friendly resort that is in conceptual stages at present. In the first phase, the project will bring a food trailer to feed present customers, campers and employees. The food trailer will also be the first part of the restaurant. The creators of this project are welcoming everyone to support the dream and bring these recreational marijuana  gardens they have worked so hard on to life. These Gardens are pristine and ready for you to view.

I Heart Tea Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Its Premium Organic Health Tea Range

LogoI Heart Tea is Australian based family owned and operate company that manufactures organic health tea from the optimum blend of herbs. This organic health tea has been perfected in an extensive range that have endless health benefits. The company is now seeking generous community support on Kickstarter and they are welcoming everyone to support this project by making pledges and donations for this inspiring project.

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