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Crown Gastropub Announces Nightly Specials

LogoDiners who want to enjoy extraordinary food and an outstanding selection of cocktails and beer on a casual night out have a fantastic destination awaiting them.

Wiener Cafe: A Mobile Coffee Shop in a Traditional Bus Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoWiener Cafe is an inspiring new project that will convert a 60 feet bus to a typical Viennese coffee house and drive it through Sweden and other countries of Europe. The project is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter and its primary aim is to spread the Viennese coffee feeling across Europe. Moreover, the goal of this classic European project is to raise a sum of nearly $100,000 and the creators of this project a duo of two entrepreneurs from Sweden and Austria, who are welcoming everyone for generous support.

Skinnies: The Perfect ZERO Calorie Cocktail Mixer Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoSkinnies is an all-new ZERO calorie mixer for the modern-day health conscious drinking enthusiasts worldwide. These amazing cocktail mixers will be introduced in four delicious flavors; The Cranberry Twist, Moscow Mule, Maui MaiTai and Skinnies Margaritas. Invented by a Miami based couple, Ani and Mario, these mixers are currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter and the couple is welcoming everyone to support the campaign generously.

Natural Gems Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Fresh Pet Foods

LogoPets are a beloved parts of people's family and everyone loves to feed their pets with quality food. However, due to the lack of quality pet foods, most people are unable to feed their pets with high quality food that they deserve. However, an Atlanta based American mother is changing all that by creating high quality pet food for dogs, cats and horses. The emerging company will set up a Pet Food Kitchen to create high quality pet food for the man's best friends in America.

Riviera Beverages Now Providing Custom Bottled Water for Companies, Brands, and Events

LogoRiviera Beverages & Bottled Events, the bottled water experts from California, are now providing customized bottled water services including private label bottled water and custom water bottles and labels. Companies and brands that have previously been promoting other bottled water brands can now start promoting their own brands in social and corporate events, thanks to Riviera Beverages and Bottled Events.

MRE Giant Announces the Release of Its Latest MRE Product Range

LogoMRE Giant - a leading ready to eat meal provider in the United States - recently announced the release of its latest MRE product range. The company has been at the forefront of providing military and civilian MREs from producers such as XMRE and Eversafe. They are considered a one-stop shop where you can find a wide variety of MREs and homestyle Omeals meals for the outdoor enthusiasts.

HRI Vending Inc., Celebrates Milestone: 25 Years of Vending Machine Sales & Service

LogoHRI Vending, a leading full-service vending sales and service provider in the Midwest and Great Lakes region, is celebrating their 25th year anniversary in 2018.

207 & Co. Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Its Smoked Avocado Oil

Logo207 & Co. Craft Oils has proudly announced that it has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for its upcoming cooking oil. The California based company has launched this campaign for bringing its upcoming Smoked Avocado Oil to the market and it is welcoming everyone to make generous contributions to the campaign.

Diamond's Chocolate's Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Homemade Chocolate Line

LogoDiamond's Chocolate's is an inspiring initiative by a 48 year old American mother and wife, Colleen Stakich. She is originally from New York but currently lives in Ohio with her family and it is unfortunately the third time now that she is battling cancer. Despite her fight with cancer, Colleen continues to pursue her passion of making excellent chocolates and she is now offering everyone a chance to taste her work. Therefore, the chocolate artist is seeking generous support via Kickstarter for her chocolates and she is welcoming everyone to back her campaign.

Olive Feed Corporation Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Revolutionize Meat Industry

LogoGavin Dunne is an inspiring Irish Entrepreneur and the Founder of Olive Feed Corporation, who has recently announced that he is raising funds and support via Kickstarter to revolutionize the global meat industry. The company transforms olive waste, which is a serious pollutant and an environmental hazard into nutritious animal feed and the result is a high quality beef. Gavin is therefore welcoming environmentalists and meat lovers from around the world to help him in raising funds for this one of a kind project via Kickstarter.

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