ENERGYbits Founder on a Mission to Help Breast Cancer Patients Thrive

LogoBoston's ENERGYbits® Inc was founded by Catharine Arnston after her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and advised by her oncologist that an alkaline diet would help her heal. Catharine sprung into action researching alkaline foods and in the process discovered algae - the most alkaline, nutrient dense food in the world and revered in Asia for its long list of health benefits including cancer prevention.

BioHacking with ENERGYbits Algae at Bulletproof Conference

LogoWhy is everyone buzzing about biohacks? Because better health, superior performance and longevity is virtually impossible without biohacks, especially those that improve gut or brain health and cell or mitochondria health. What biohack are professional athletes and scientists buzzing about? Algae.

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