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Exceptional Tortilla Products Courtesy of Easy Foods

LogoWhen choosing Easy Foods tortillas, customers will have the option of whole wheat or white flour. The flour tortillas have a wonderfully distinct flavor profile, yet they remain subtle so that there is no interference with the flavor of the tortilla and any of the ingredients used inside of it.

Premium Tortillas and Wraps with TacoMex and Vedgee

Logo"Fresh" and "quality" are two adjectives that have become synonymous with the TacoMex brand. The brand has been used by numerous restaurants looking to provide their guests premium quality tortillas that are as tasty as they are authentic. The TacoMex brand includes a number of different flavored tortillas and wraps including sun-dried tomato, whole wheat, flour tortillas, spinach, and more.

Discover Easy Foods Tortillas in 2018

LogoEasy Foods tortillas are manufactured and available as whole wheat or white flour. The flour tortillas have a richly distinct flavor profile, but they are sufficiently subtle so that there is no interference between the tortilla flavor and whatever ingredients are placed inside of it.

Authentic Tortilla Products by Easy Foods Incorporated

LogoEasy Foods remain one of the few corn-based tortilla product manufacturers to utilize fresh corn when making nixtamal on the premises. Workers begin by cooking the corn and then grinding it down to create an authentically delicious flavor in the tortilla.

Discover Tacomex and Vedgee by Easy Foods Incorporated

LogoTacomex is relied upon by plenty of restaurants looking to provide their customers with authentic, top quality taste. Tacomex tortillas are recognized for being soft and pliable, manufactured to wrap around ingredients without the risk of bursting. Tacomex products include Spinach Wraps, Homestyle Corn Tortillas, Whole Wheat Wraps, and Flour Tortillas.

Powerful Food Industry Solutions Courtesy of Easy Foods

LogoThe co-packing services provided by Easy Foods are relied upon by numerous food industry distributors. Distributors, as well as manufacturers, can rest assured there will always be a dedicated sales team available to take care of questions and needs such as labeling.

Food Industry Solutions by Easy Foods

LogoEasy Foods has become the go-to source for numerous distributors in need of efficient co-packing services. Manufacturers and distributors can rest assured a dedicated sales team will always be on-hand to take care of concerns and questions while ensuring everything is properly labeled to precise specifications.

Easy Foods Provides Extensive Food Industry Solutions

LogoA number of food industry distributors have come to rely on Easy Foods co-packing services. At all times, distributors and manufacturers will be in touch with a dedicated sales team ready to address questions and label everything per specifications.

Easy Foods Incorporated Spotlights Its ERP Solution

LogoEasy Foods runs a state of the art facility manufacturing freshly baked tortilla products including wraps, corn chips, and tortillas. The modern facility is comprised of cutting edge equipment plus a modern test kitchen and an R&D lab that the company uses to further innovate and improve upon its existing range of products.

Easy Foods Incorporated Sponsors Delish 2016

LogoDelish 2016 brought together some of the best chefs, wines and spirits in South Florida at a one-of-a-kind event attended by more than 400 guests. The event brings together some of the best chefs in South Florida competing to win the "Best Overall" and "Fan Favorite" awards with assistance by current and former students of ARC Broward's Culinary Institute. The event was sponsored by Food Network star and Chef Scott Conant.

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