Cafena Inc, a Canadian Coffee Machine Retailer Now Open Office in Dubai

To meet the market demand, Cafena Inc has recently expanded their service in Middle East Area and officially launched their website to serve the region.

Datuk Seri Jessy Lai Set to Launch Restaurant and Bar Opposite Pavilion 2 Kuala Lumpur

Renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist Datuk Seri Jessy Lai has announced that she will be opening and launching a Restaurant and Bar on April, 2016, at Kuala Lumpur. The event is expected to see a turnout of more than 5,000 people. Visitors, residents and workers within that area can expect a very star studded and exciting day.

Silibake Tea Infuser Glass Proves Popular Among Amazon Shoppers

Silibake, the company known for bringing silicone based innovations into kitchens across the globe, is no stranger to popular product launches, but the launch of the newest Silibake product is taking the internet by storm. Exceeding sales expectations, the new Tea Infuser Glass has proved to be incredibly popular among Amazon shoppers.

New Review Guide Launched to Shed Information on Best Smokers

Online portal bestsmokerz has just launched a premium, full of information review guide for BBQ artisans looking to get their hands on the next best BBQ smoker or grill. The new guide aims to help both seasoned and new BBQ enthusiast to learn about the smoker market and make reliable decisions. The team at bestsmokerz has spent well over two years collecting information on BBQ smokers from around the world and listing them down in the review guide to help people make the right decisions. It includes industry reports on specific smokers, what experts say about them and their own in-house extensive testing results.

Silibake Offers Launch Discount on New Tea Infuser Glass

With sales of the newest Silibake product, the loose leaf Tea Infuser glass, hitting heights that break all former product launch records, the company has decided to offer a special launch discount. Customers who purchase the new tea mug on Amazon or the company's website are eligible to save even more on one of the most popular products this year.

Silibake Launches New Tea Infuser Glass on Amazon

Silibake, the company that is quickly becoming a household name, has released their newest product, the loose leaf Tea Infuser cup that allows customers to brew their favorite loose leaf tea in the same glass that they drink it from. Packed with other features, this new tea infuser glass hits the market this month and promises to be quite popular.

Silibake Releases New Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Glass

Silibake is a company well known for bringing unique and innovative tools into the kitchen which often incorporate silicone in ways customers might not have imagined. Now, they bring yet another amazing product to the table, the Silibake Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Glass. Set to fulfill every tea lover's needs, this glass is sure to take the market by storm.

Jay Shree Tea Now Ships 'Loose Leaf' Premium Darjeeling First Flush Tea at Wholesale Price

Darjeeling first flush has its specialty and more and more people opt for this brew. That is why demand for a reliable tea manufacturer is very high worldwide. Jay Shree tea is the most preferred tea manufacturer when it comes to Darjeeling first flush tea with plethora of different blends.

The Coolest Cafes in Kolkata Are Giving the Best Discounts and Offers on ChopMyBill Platform

The regular visitors to the different cafes in Kolkata can rejoice with some good news. ChopMyBill, the exclusive food deals portal of Kolkata has compiled and brought in exclusive coupons for cool cafes in Kolkata.

Now It's Easy to Transform Water from Pure to the Purest Form with Biocera

Managed by Dr. Jeon Hyoung-Tag, Biocera's prime concern is to improve and enhance the well-being of humans both physically and mentally as a healthy body ensures a healthy mind. To maintain a healthy physique consumers need to take healthy diets but in most cases they end up gathering an increased amount of acidic wastes in their body from several sources like the food that they eat, the air that they inhale and the water that they drink. Majority of the pollutants in our body is gathered from drinking contaminated water. Biocera's technologically advanced water devices provide an appropriate solution to such problem.

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