Chef Darrell Echols Set for Upcoming USDA Sponsored Training Program Scheduled to Be Held in New Delhi and Mumbai, India

Chef Darrell Echols who received a letter of "Thank you" from USDA for his contribution during the last American Food Festival held back in November 2017, is once again invited for USDA Sponsored southern cuisine program in India. The culinary activities will be geared towards training Indian chefs, restaurant operators and hospitality management students about the US Southern Cuisine, featuring the "Soul Food." The event is scheduled to take place in June this year.

75%+ of Americans Are Wrong About Peanut Butter

Today, Pintful's Peanut Butter launches on crowdfunding website Kickstarter. Pintful is the first and only natural, vegan, high-protein peanut butter claiming to be the healthiest peanut butter. Pintful packs in 50% more protein than your standard peanut butter without comprising the taste you know and love.

RateTray Changes Old Restaurant Review Game with New Menu Rating Platform

This holiday season promises to be even more fun and exciting for food lovers with the launch of a new and revolutionary rating and review app, RateTray. RateTray is leading the way to create an entirely new experience for those who wish to find the best menus nearby, or leave their experiences on RateTray website and app.

Rx Smart Coffee, Inc. Announces Today That It Has Posted the Official Rx Smart Coffee ICO Report on RxExchange.us

Rx Smart Coffee, Inc. announces today that it has posted the official Rx Smart Coffee ICO Report on RxExchange.us for the upcoming ICO on October 6, 2017 on it's website to allow transparency to existing and potential investors of Rx Smart Coffee Inc. and Distributor/Reseller/Associate on our system.

Levanta Coffee to Become Farmers First Coffee Company

Matt Hohler, the spokesperson for Levanta Coffee, announced today that the company will officially be changing its name to Farmers First Coffee Company as of Friday, September 29th, 2017.

I Heart Keenwah Traces the Path of Fair Trade Dollars in Bolivia

On April 10, Ravi Jolly, co-founder of US-based quinoa company I Heart Keenwah, traveled to Bolivia to meet with Fair Trade certified farmers who grow the company's organic Royal Bolivian quinoa. While conducting interviews with the growers, Jolly gained new insights on the impact that Fair Trade farming has on smallholder family farms.

Kiteley's Farm Market Offers Locally Grown Asparagus, Strawberries and Red Raspberries

Kiteley's Farm Market offers locally grown asparagus, strawberries, red raspberries, and so much more. Since many people love locally grown fresh foods without GMOs, they also offer local maple syrup, local honey, flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruits. Locally grown northern Michigan asparagus is available mid-May for all to enjoy. Asparagus grown in Charlevoix, Michigan begins the farm season with a celebration of spring.

Bullyade Introduces Unique Sports Energy Drink for Dogs

Sarah Perez, CEO of Bullyade, announced that the company has officially launched with its new sports drink for dogs. Bullyade is created with a unique blend of electrolytes and vitamins designed for canines; it provides healthy hydration for dogs that may become dehydrated due to, but not limited to; heat exhaustion, heat stroke, coccidiosis (coccidian) or parvo. Whatever the cause may be; ranging from playing fetch with your dog all the way to dehydration, Bullyade can help!

Premium USDA Certified Darjeeling Green Tea Available Online at Jay Shree Tea

Planning to buy Darjeeling tea? Jay Shree Tea is one of the best companies online offering superior quality certified Darjeeling green and other premium loose leaf tea.

Kitchen Supreme Answers Why Coffee Lovers Should Invest in a French Press

Kitchen Supreme, French press manufacturer and distributor has noticed exactly how appreciated this product is, simply by studying the many positive reviews received. While it is a known fact that coffee is very much appreciated in the US, the question that remains unanswered is why the French Press is among the most preferred gadgets in terms of coffee preparation. Kitchen Supreme has identified certain reasons that might make future customers invest in the coffee press.

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