IoTurn Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Introduce iScale, the Ultra Scalable and Modular App-Controlled IoT Scale

LogoAn ultra modular IoT scale, iScale was designed by two high school students as a part of their school project. The creators claim that this is the world's most scalable and modular weight measurement system, capable of weighing from one gram to hundreds of kilograms by connecting multiple load cells depending on the the items to weigh. A Kickstarter campaign will be launched on August 30, 2017 to raise $9,000 for this project.

Aaron Colfer's Unique Creation SeedPod Receives Excellent Response from MindBlower Crowdfunding Platform

LogoEveryone loves to grow their own plants and vegetables. However, the process of sourcing the seeds and saving them can be extremely complicated. Aaron Colfer, an enterprising industrial design student, claims that his invention SeedPod will make saving seeds easy, efficient, and fun like never before.

Migae Omega-3 Algae Oil Now Available for Pre-Order via Indiegogo

LogoThe husband and wife team of Amanda and Marcus Fei is pleased to reveal that their upcoming Omega-3 EPA and DHA product Migae Omega-3 Algae Oil can now be pre-ordered through Indiegogo. This product is 100% plant-based and sustainable, and delivers the same health benefits as fish oil without the concern of exposure to the environmental toxins. The Indiegogo funding goal for Amanda and Marcus is $60,000.

AMERICAN WARRIOR WHISKEY Looks to Promote American War Heroes with Funding Assistance via FundThis

LogoAn upcoming spirits brand with a difference, American Warrior Whiskey is committed to promoting America's war veterans and supporting those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Each bottle of whiskey manufactured by this veteran owned spirits company will feature a tribute sharing the stories of selfless service of America's war heroes.

Brad Markussen Looks to Increase the Production of BBQueCan with Funding Support from Indiegogo

LogoAll About BBQ has recently come up with their new product BBQueCan, a revolutionary BBQ utensil that has been designed to make grilling, smoking and roasting smaller food items easy like never before. The product also saves grill space and prevents the smaller items from becoming casualties down through the grate and into the grill.

Troy Adams Seeks Support via Indiegogo to Start the Production of Mr. Coolit High Performance Ice Coolers

LogoTroy & Clint Adams and there team claim that they have created the world’s first ice cooler that was designed to maximise the ice preservation by considerably reducing the requirement to open the lid to access your ice cold drinks. The Aluminium shelf and trays further enhance the reduction of thermal heat being able to penetrate the ice below being trapped and melting your ice. Their new high-performance ice cooler system Mr. Coolit offers a plethora of extraordinary features to keep food, drinks and solar charged power sustained for the longest time possible. This user-friendly and versatile system has all the qualities to be a game changer in the industry.

Bridger Buller Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Cover the Start-Up Cost for Utter Nutrition

LogoBridger Buller has spent the last two years working on a great idea, inspired by the work that was initiated by his parents. As home health nurses, they often found it difficult to get their patients to eat. Increase in age results in the loss of taste buds that are instrumental in enjoying different types of food. Making things worse, these persons often suffer from a diminished sense of smell and an inability to swallow whole foods. Many of these patients finally fall prey to depression.

Peter Scott Reboots Crowdfunding Campaign for the Aussie Ice Chest Cooler

LogoPeter Scott has a proven track record of delivering consumer-centric products that improve quality of life by making life easier. Over the past forty years, Mr. Scott's owned and operated a string of successful multinational companies. Peter's latest venture is the Aussie Ice Chest Cooler, a cooler with a clever design allowing anyone to sit on the cooler while guests can reach for their favourite cold drink.

Bliss Protein Bar: Snack of the Future

LogoBliss Protein Bar founders Doris Fin and Nohemie Renaud have announced they will make use of crowdfunding website Indiegogo to raise the funds to grow their start-up health food company. Their mission is to bring life back to food!

Peter Scott Seeks Funding to Start the Production of the Aussie Ice Chest Cooler

LogoPeter Scott has a long tradition of delivering consumer-centric products that make people's lives easier. Over the last four decades, he has owned and operated several successful businesses. Peter's latest venture is the Aussie Ice Chest Cooler, an innovatively designed product that will relieve the users from having to get up to retrieve drinks or food.

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