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Competitive Eating Superstar Bob Shoudt Sets World Arby's Venison Sandwich Eating Record with 11 Pounds in 48 Minutes

LogoBob Shoudt, All Pro Eating's 2nd Ranked Independent Competitive Eating in the World, celebrated Arby's limited time Venison Sandwich unlike anyone else in the world. On the day Arby's released the limited time sandwiches (October 21, 2017) he ate 20 of the juicy thick cut venison steak sandwiches in 48 minutes and 8 seconds outdoors in the bright Pennsylvania sun totaling 11 pounds and 1,000 grams of protein. The new World Eating Record, verified and confirmed by All Pro Eating, is one that will likely be in place for quite some time not only because of the impressive sheer volume of food but also because of the limited availability of the sandwich.

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