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With more than 30 years of combined weight loss, healthcare and aesthetic experience, Lipo Spa’s team is uniquely qualified to assist people from all walks of life who are struggling to shed unwanted pounds and improve their overall health. Tired of the fads and gimmicks that guarantee to keep people overweight, Lipo Spa professionals developed a proprietary system and new approach to weight-loss success that has helped men and women alike. Permanently Destroying & Shrinking Fat Cells Body contouring with proven technology-based treatments and customized protocols like CoolSculpting® Plus and UltraShape® Plus permanently destroy subcutaneous fat cells while VelaShape® Plus, LaserLipo™ and Thermal Contouring (Lipo Laser) shrink them. These benefits assist clients by eliminating excess fat for good. Areas include muffin tops, belly pouches, love handles and inner and outer thigh fat. Lipo Spa also has technologies that will tighten and tone loose skin and assist in the process by making weight loss easier and faster with the use of technology. While each treatment is unique, they all individually offer some form of concentrated energy source, radio waves, ultrasound and in the case of CoolSculpting®, cooling technology to target and destroy fat cells. The fatty acids and lipids are naturally eliminated from the body for good. Skin remains unharmed and inches disappear faster and easier then diet alone which in turn motivates clients as they see results.

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