Forté Holdings, Inc.

Forté Holdings, Inc. is a leading provider of HIPAA compliant health-care software solutions in the United States. For over 10 years, the company has combined technological expertise with input from medical workers to develop software that supports and improves patient care and administrative processes within the healthcare industry. The company’s ePCR product -- iPCR -- addresses the needs of specific medical workers, from first responders to private practitioners. iPCR is designed as an application that makes patient-care reporting quick, simple and accurate for firefighter and emergency medical services. The software is Gold-certified by the National Emergency Medical Services Information System and interfaces with both PCs and Macs. EMR is one of the fastest growing trends in the healthcare market today. ForteEMR combines all of the features you need in an EMR system but with the ability to truly customize the software around your practice… not having to change your practice to accommodate your software. It is a Chiropractic specific solution. Although ForteEMR has many different features and benefits, at its essence it is designed to bring 4 major business improvements to your practice: faster and more accurate notes and documentation, optimized and increased revenue from your billings, protection against the growing risk of audits, and ability to have a truly paperless office. The software has been Drummond certified in accordance to ONC-ACB. The Chiro8000 product offers a true connection for the areas of billing, scheduling, practice management, marketing, EMR/EHR, communication, patient education, and collections. The Chiro8000 product line will maintain and enhance the efficiency of your practice as it assists you in growing your patient volume. It provides fully supported ICD-10 billing, paper billing/e-billing statements, collections/accounting/co-pays, inventory management, custom security levels, full function appointment scheduler, no-cost text and email reminders, per-patient office notes, online patient intake forms, iPAD patient kiosk module, custom form generator, patient outcome assessments.

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