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Roland Dickey Jr. Interviewed Regarding the Huge Success of Dickey's Barbecue Fast Casual Food Joints

In a revealing new interview with Roland Dickey Jr., the Dickey's Barbecue CEO celebrated their 500th location by sharing some of the secrets to his business success. The questions provided a spring board for insightful discussion on the nature of the 21st century franchise business, and the way in which an aggressive strategy can pay dividends for those who find a market opening.

Sage Catering Is 2015 Pick for the Knot's Best of Weddings

LogoThere are many wedding catering services in Philadelphia, but discerning couples in the area want to know that their caterer consistently provides the best food and customer service. To help couples find the perfect caterer for their wedding, Sage Catering is proud to announce that they are a 2015 Pick for The Knot's Best of Weddings.

Organic Nut Milk Bag Strainer from P&F High Quality Products Receives Rave Reviews

P&F High Quality Products offers an indefinite sale off their Organic Nut Milk Bag product made from 100% natural hemp on Amazon. It currently retails at $19.95 apiece from its original $29.99 price listing. This helps save buyers especially bulk purchasers as much as 33% off the rack price plus Amazon's free shipping for orders over $35 which for this product only requires two or more in order to avail of. Since launching a few months ago on Amazon, the product has only gained considerably good reviews with 5 star rating. It's currently rated #42 in Colanders and food strainers section.

Broil King Presents New Recipes for Use with Their Line of BBQ Grills

Broil King ( proudly releases new recipes for use with their improved lineup of grills. Individuals looking to try something new this summer will find these recipes to be very tasty and easy to prepare. From beef tenderloin to Grand Marnier Kabobs, everyone is sure to find a recipe they love and want to make again and again with the help of their Broil King grill.

Gas Grill Advice Reveals the Health Benefits Associated with Grilling reports grilling is beneficial for one's health and, with summer quickly approaching, now is the time to begin looking for a new grill. With the help of Gas Grill Advice (, individuals can quickly compare numerous grills to find the one which best meets their needs. From portable grills to gas charcoal combo grills, the site covers a wide range of grills to assist consumers in choosing a new model for this year's summer pleasure.

Village Catering Announces Catering Services Available for College Graduation Parties This Spring

LogoWith many colleges holding their spring graduation ceremonies at the end of April and throughout May, now is the time for individuals to start thinking about whether or not there will be a celebration. For those who are looking to have their event catered, or are looking for a venue, can get in touch with Philadelphia, PA-based caterer—Village Catering. In fact, the company is pleased to announce that they are now taking on any clients who are interested in having a college graduation party catered.

Cleveland Local Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Introduce Hangover Killer

LogoThe feeling of waking up after a night of heavy drinking is known to all. Drowsiness, nausea, and headache are common concerns that people face for almost the entire day. Slovakian inventor, Ivan Ducko, has come up with an excellent solution to this age-old problem. Ducko's creation, Hangover Killer, is a lightly carbonated beverage that prevents a hangover. This refreshing beverage with a citrus taste has been formulated to reduce the consumer's BAC 40% quicker on average.

Black Pine Catering Alerts Party Planners of Need to Book Early

The current wedding season forecast is that this will be one of the busiest seasons in years. While all of the reasons for this increase are not known, the improvement in the economy as well as the surge in marriage licenses following marriage equality laws has been given much of the credit. Black Pine Catering, a leader in the wedding and event industry, is drawing attention to the importance of early reservations in this busy atmosphere.

New Research Advocates Tea Is Healthier Than Modern Drinks for Children

By the 90's the number of young kids drinking tea had dropped to around a third and nowadays the NDNS (National Diet and Nutrition Survey doesn't even record it.

Fair Trade Arya Classic Darjeeling Black Organic Tea Autumn Flush Becomes a Big Seller on Amazon

The Bluechip store is proud to offer the public the top quality 100% organic Arya Black Tea with an ecstatic sweet aftertaste. This fair trade product is fully certified unblended and pure Darjeeling tea that offers rich flowery taste in every sip.

Chef Hessler Garlic Peeler Silicone Tube Roller Becomes a Fast Selling Product on Amazon

Chef Hessler is pleased to announce the launch of his ultimate silicone garlic peeler tube roller on The product is sold by Chef Hessler and fulfilled by with a 100 percent guarantee of satisfaction. Included with each garlic peeler is a bonus garlic-based recipes e-book with 50 chef-tested recipes.

Paul's Tavern Announces Cinco De Mayo Kick-off Celebration

LogoFor the past 35 years, locals and tourists looking for the best nightlife and live entertainment in the Jersey Shore have come to Paul's Tavern for the bar's weekly drink specials and live music. Now, Paul's Tavern has given the Jersey Shore one more reason to join the fun. On May 5, 2015, Paul's Tavern will welcome their new Tuesday night house band with a Cinco de Mayo kick-off celebration.

Research Unveiled: Drinking Earl Grey Tea a Day Lowers Blood Pressure and Heart Attack

Earl Grey does not just have unique and delicious flavor, rather it has lots of health benefits too. A research was conducted and it was found that drinking three cups of Earl Grey tea daily may assist lower the risk for heart diseases. In the conducted research, people who drank 3 cups of Earl Grey a day noticed a good drop in the level of blood triglyceride and rise in the good cholesterol HDL in 3 months. An increase in the antioxidant level was also noticed, which essentially helps in fighting against the free radicals that damage the cells.

Mini Melts USA, Inc. Offering Business Opportunity with No Down Payment

LogoMini Melts USA, Inc. provides the vending machines, other equipment and supplies needed for individuals and entrepreneurs to embark on their next business venture. Through partnerships with Fastcorp and Falcon Financial, the company is making their vending machines available with no down payment to qualified individuals who have their credit approved. In order to take advantage of the no down payment option, individuals must have a minimum of two years of experience in the vending business. This offer may enable those interested in earning money while retaining a full-time job to finance the equipment with no payments for 120 days. The financing offer from Falcon Financial does require a $250 documentation fee at the time of the agreement.

Village Catering Announces BBQ Catering Services Available for Outdoor Events Planned This Spring

LogoPlanning an outdoor family gathering this spring? How about a corporate picnic? Those who are looking to plan a mid to large outdoor event this spring and are in need of a caterer can turn to Village Catering. In fact, this Philadelphia-based catering company is pleased to announce that they are now taking clients who are in need of BBQ catering services for their outdoor event planned this spring.

Elruh Undergoes Rebrand to Launch Skinny Tea Online and Announces Sponsorship of Miss Universe Australia

Elruh, one of the most popular online distributors of weight loss tea in Australia, has rebranded to Skinny Tea Online. In order to satisfy the increasing demand from customers worldwide, the company continues to expand its line of weight loss programs and e-health guides. Skinny Tea Online has also become an official product sponsor of this year's Miss Universe Australia Pageant.

Black Tea Is Good for Osteoporosis Patients – Research

Researchers in Japan claim that Black tea can help people with osteoporosis, a bone disease mainly affecting senior citizens. Researchers say the simple brew contains a powerful antioxidant, which can avoid the lack of bone-density generally observed in people over 50 which makes elderly people more vulnerable to hip fractures.

Recent Research: Drinking Black Tea Daily Can Lower the Risk of Hip Fracture Up to 37%

The recent research carried by the Japanese researchers unveils that drinking 2 to 3 cups of black tea every day could keep people away from osteoporosis. Tea-drinkers are less inclined to break a hip than the folks who never drink tea, research discovered. The men and women who consumed 2 to 3 cups of tea being 37 percent less inclined to suffer a broken hip. However, not all drinks have the same effect. Coffee doesn't possess this benefit, based on the Journal of IOF (International Osteoporosis Foundation). Now Offering Retro Sweet Jars in the UK

"I am ready to die, if Heaven gives me chocolates regularly." Such is the craze of chocolates amid any age group. To take the chocolates of retro style to the people, UK based has now begun offering jars with retro sweets. The sweets retailer carries a range of chocolates, sweets, hard gums, sweet hampers and other confectioneries. They specialise in bouquets, tuck boxes and hampers perfect for special occasions.

New Food: Pancrepes Are Not Pancakes or Crepes

(Please embargo until April 20, 2015)– Bob Haney, President of Gladys Inc., today announces the official launch of Pancrepes. "We put Pancrepes out there and the feedback has been very positive, we passed the taste test at all grocery store demos", Haney said. They are called Pancrepes, as they are a cross between a pancake and a crepe. Pancrepes are a new food all together. Pancrepes are the result of a missing ingredient. "I was making pancakes for my grandmother and I did not have all the ingredients, so I made some substitutions and the results are Pancrepes", said Bob Haney, creator of Pancrepes.

Catering by Mario's Introduces Brand New Venue, the Lulu Country Club

LogoThe award-winning catering company, Catering By Mario's, is pleased to introduce their new venue, the Lulu Country Club. Just like their banquet facility, Richmond Hall, the country club is a beautiful reception venue that can be booked for weddings. The new venue is a private country club that features a full bar and grill restaurant with cuisine from the chefs of Catering By Mario's. The company welcomes new memberships for the Lulu Country Club and is offering daily rates for their 2015 "Member Fore a Day" program. Customers are invited to schedule a tour of the facility by calling 215-722-2945.

Scott Tucker to Judge Third Annual BBQ Cookout

In the second article of their 'Food and Stuff' series, Never Be Bored will be covering the Garville BBQ Cookout with Scott Tucker. The event will take place at the end of next month. Registration is currently open.

Mini Melts USA, Inc. Offering Automated Kiosk Business Opportunities

LogoMini Melts USA, Inc. (MMUSA) is proud to announce its automated kiosk business opportunity for entrepreneurs to start a business and earn extra income while maintaining full-time jobs. This business, with no franchise fee or royalty payments, sells Mini Melts® novel, cryogenically produced premium ice cream, the highest quality of beaded ice cream on the market.

Cruzu Launches Global Crowdfunding Platform for Wine

Cruzu today announced the general availability of, the first open, global platform to crowfund winemaking projects. Any of the world's 500,000 wineries can now create projects on Cruzu where wine enthusiasts invest in projects in exchange for wines produced by the projects. In addition, winemakers can provide other rewards such as invitations to blending sessions, winemaker dinners and more.

NutriCargo Introduces Kosher Ingredients

NutriCargo, an online ingredients retailer, has added a new product line for its customers: kosher ingredients. The company now offers natural ingredients that have met the requirements of the Star-K certification process.