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Roland Dickey Jr. Congratulates New Husband and Wife Dickey's Barbecue Brand Champions in Minnesota

For any business, the success of its brand is its lifeblood. Brands represent the underlying ideals by which a business identifies and relates to its customers, and championing the values of a brand can help strengthen that relationship between a business and its audience. Dickey's Barbeque is a hugely popular Texas barbecue chain with over 500 stores, and CEO Roland Dickey Jr. is celebrating those who best embody the chain's brand values. The most recent Brand Championship awards has been given to Paul and Paula Bertino, of Mankato, Minnesota, and Tony Hayes in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The Knot Hall of Fame Vendor Now Catering to Philadelphia Area

LogoSage Catering, one of the most popular wedding caterers in Montgomery County, PA, currently enjoys a coveted position as a Hall of Fame vendor at The Knot, the web's biggest online community for wedding inspiration and advice. The company has earned Hall of Fame status by consistently placing in The Knot's Best of Weddings list several years in a row. Couples who have worked with Sage Catering consistently give the company high ratings in several service categories and leave glowing reviews about the company's excellent customer service and beautiful food and event design.

Green Lipped Mussel Benefits Publishes Information on GLM Supplement Benefits

New Zealand produces more than 140,000 tons of green lipped mussels every year, and they are the only country home to these beneficial creatures. In addition to being used as a food source, mussels contain omega acids that benefit individuals suffering from inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, as well as those struggling with stomach ailments and asthma. The mussels contain a brand of fatty acids not available anywhere else, and many make use of supplements made from green lipped mussels to obtain the benefits associated with the consumption of these creatures, as the supplements provide more nutritional value.

Organic Coffees and Teas of Matchless Quality Now Available

Coffee and tea lovers have got a good news and it is that Ateaz, a Certified Organic coffee and Tea boutique, offers a matchless and rich experience of taste through their collection of unique organic coffee and organic tea flavors. The company also asserts that they have put in place service processes that bring these products to the customers at the peak of their quality. They add that they sell their hand-blend and custom-crafted organic teas and coffees both on retail and wholesale basis. According to the company, they sell only the world's finest organic teas and coffees.

Montgomery County Unity Day Crab Feast: Feat the Awesome Masha-T

LogoMontgomery County is going to be painted red by the Unity Day Crab feast this August 9th and the rain date being 16th August 2015. The Montgomery County Unity Day Crab feast which is most graciously organized by Ron Curtis will be graced by the performance of the awesome and talented Masha-T. Masha-T will perform at the event with Doug E Fresh and it is guaranteed to be a good day of food and fun for all attendees.

Funfoods YouTube Channel Attracting Millions

LogoThe food master, James Lamprey's Funfoods channel is grabbing the eyeballs of many viewers due to its lovely concept. The video is providing training and support to many food lovers about making interesting and tasty foods. The YouTube channel helps the viewers to find out some of the most exclusive desserts on the web.

NYC Birthday Cakes Announces Launch of Two-Hour Custom Quote System

Michael Kaz, manager of NYC Birthday Cakes, announced the launch of the company's new custom quote system that eliminates the stress associated with ordering a unique confection. Consumers can now obtain a quote on a custom cake in just two hours, offering an easy and convenient means of ordering one of shop's custom birthday cakes, even on short notice.

The Fresh Works Announces It Is Now Hiring for Delivery Drivers

LogoThe premier Philadelphia sandwich shop, The Fresh Works, is pleased to announce that their franchise is hiring for delivery drivers in multiple locations. The company is looking for individuals who can be a part of their delivery service team and provide excellent customer service. Candidates must have a vehicle for transportation, a valid driver's license and car insurance. The food restaurant operates with a quality takeout and delivery service that is fast and effective. Home to what customers consider the best sandwiches in the Philadelphia area, The Fresh Works has been providing topnotch food delivery service for years.

Enhance Health with Nutrient Rich Raw Mixed Nuts

It is a persistent belief that the cooked and roasted food contains harmful toxins which are not easily thrown out of the body. When the food is cooked, it undergoes many chemical changes that produce carcinogens and mutagens. In a document posted by the Harvard Medical School established that consumption of raw tomatoes, watermelon, papaya and pin guava increase the intake of lycopene.

Durable Acrylic Wine Glasses Add a Touch of Elegance to Every Party

Acrylic wine glasses are the latest trend in the business of entertaining as these glasses have brought to the table, quite literally an idea that is worth millions in savings.

Food Hero Mimi Kozma Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

LogoFood Hero Mimi Kozma is a special education teacher, mother and wife in addition to being a master home chef and radio personality.  Her "Food Hero" persona came about when she was growing up with a younger sister who struggled with extreme learning disabilities.  As Mimi watched her parents work to find solutions and support, she learned that "the challenges faced by a family of a child with special needs, be it medical, educational and/or psychological is complex, often misunderstood and unquestionably underappreciated."  Now, Food Hero Mimi Kozma is helping families who may also struggle with these same issues through her work with food.

Bistro Blanc Now Offers Catering for Summer and Fall Events

Bistro Blanc, a premiere bistro and wine bar in Howard County announces the restaurant is now accepting catering bookings for upcoming summer events. The restaurant recently unveiled its new selection of catering packages and their menus, all consisting of the finest locally-sourced and seasonal ingredients.

Aspirecool Ice Cream Machine Bring Enormous Profit Opportunity to Small Entrepreneurs, an ecommerce store that particularly caters to aspiring entrepreneurs, recently launched a series of ice cream machines. The owners stressed on the fact that the low-cost ice cream machine products are specifically engineered for today's cash-strapped entrepreneurs who are starting their business with their own savings and perhaps by the power of merchant cash advance or small business loans.

Foodie Shares Unveils the Ultimate Summer Dining Experience

Foodie Shares, the app that makes ordering from your own personal chef as easy as the click of a button, has partnered with Summer Sky Creative Agency to put on sunset networking mixers throughout the Los Angeles area this July. The latest event in Santa Monica had over 70+ guests in attendance all with one thing in common - a love of good food and music. Foodie Shares provided the gourmet cuisine prepared by the same chefs making meals for their app and guests were able to test the food, meet the people preparing it and vibe out to live music with a glass of wine.

First Look at Arc Machine's New M217 Orbital Welding Power Supply

LogoArc Machines (AMI) in Pacoima, Ca. has long been a market leader in the field of orbital welding. Beginning with the Model 107 fusion tube welder in 1979, and the Model 207 in 1989, AMI set the industry standard for reliable commercial orbital fusion welding systems for over 30 years. Because of their simple robust designs, ease of use, and ability to consistently deliver quality welds, AMI has owned the lion’s share of the orbital welding market. Acclaimed for Using Quality Ingredients

It has been said the has observed a noticeable rise in the demand for catering services. This increase in demand has been witnessed after the company launched a web based service that has been created as an exclusive online platform for individuals or companies seeking for catering services. This online platform connects the customers easily and quickly with the professional caterers. The company gives emphasis to make sure about the food quality. They have been known to use only the best ingredients to make sure that the customers get the best experience.

Village Catering Announces 2015 Labor Day Party Catering Services Now Available

LogoWith Labor Day 2015 less than two months away, now is the time to begin sending out the invitations. Also, there is no time sooner than now to begin deciding who is going to cook the food and what is going to be on the menu. If homeowners, businesses, or organizations are having a Labor Day party and would rather not cook this year, one company that they can turn to provide the food is Village Catering. In fact, Village Catering has just announced that they are now available to cater 2015 Labor Day parties and events.

Kors Vodka Debuts World's Most Exclusive Corporate Gift Collection

High-end luxury vodka label, Kors Vodka debuts three different, handmade limited edition bottles costing up to $24,500 exclusively through their new corporate gift program.

Old New York Deli Proves the Best Food Franchises Are Delis

LogoAfter the Columbus Dispatch recently announced that delis are some of the best food franchises available, Old New York Deli & Bakery Co aims to prove the truth in that statement. Old New York Deli & Bakery Co is moving forward in the franchise business and offering those who want a successful, new franchise the chance to get into the deli game.

Bakery Franchise Old New York Deli Makes Hosting Summer Parties Easy for Customers - And Profitable for Franchisees

LogoOld New York Deli is making it easy for people to serve up delicious food at their picnics and parties -- and that's good news for more than just hosts and guests. All summer long, people have been coming to Old New York Deli for bagels, sandwiches, pastries and drinks to serve their guests. As the bakery franchise has become popular among hosts and guests, it's also caught the attention of another party: franchisees.

Rocket Fizz Considered Among Best Business Franchise Opportunities

LogoAfter only six short years on the United States' commercial radar, Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shop is helping visionaries achieve their dream of franchise ownership. To date, the company's franchise locations are spread throughout the country and continue to gain popularity in their respective communities.

Intox-Detox, Sailfish Brewing Co. Make Beer History with "A Better Tomorrow Wit" Beer Launch

LogoIntox-Detox recently partnered with Sailfish Brewing Company, Inc. to launch "A Better Tomorrow Wit" – the world's first craft beer with all-natural ingredients to protect the liver while you drink and help avoid the misery of the day after a night out drinking alcohol.

Roland Dickey Jr. Wins EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2015 for the Southwest

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year is one of the most hotly contested business awards throughout the world, and the US has seen more than 14,000 CEO's and executives coming together in over 25 cities to nominate and recognize the brightest and best business leaders. In the Southwest region, EY announced Dickey's Barbeque Restaurants CEO Roland Dickey Jr. their 2015 winner, presenting him with the award at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas, at a black tie gala on June 27.

Super-Powered Black Green Tea Now Launched as China's Fountain of Youth

LogoWho ever thought a weight loss and anti-aging treatment could be found in one cup of tea? Lauded as 'China's Fountain of Youth' a company based in the Inner Lake District of Taipei City, Taiwan launches the newest thing in the tea trade. A potent natural antioxidant five times stronger than traditional green tea, TeaNow® Black Green Tea is a game-changer. Said to be a sure way to detox, increase energy, and burn belly fat, the product is also noted for its anti-aging properties.

Julian Wines Presents 'Sangria Summer Session'

Julian Wines, a new and affordably luxurious label is hosting an engaging event at the Graham Georgetown, a boutique hotel where "cultured sophistication meets modern luxury." Held on Saturday July 18th, 2015 from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM, the 'Sangria Summer Session' is a time to sit back, relax, and enjoy samples of several different sangria cocktails.