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Neighborhood Bricktown Bistro Rebuilds After Fire

East end stomping ground, The Brickyard Grounds, will be reopening on August 27th after rebuilding from a fire that caused the Greenwood Park bistro to close in late February.

Roland Dickey Jr. Celebrates Dickey's Barbecue Franchise's Latest Brand Champion Perry McKinney

To Raleigh County, West Virginia, Dickey's Barbecue Pit is a hub for great food, friendships, and shared experiences. Owner and operator Perry McKinney has spent a lifetime among this close-knit community in Southern West Virginia, and is proud to be a born-and-bred West Virginian. He opened his first Dickey's Barbeque Franchise with business partners Patrick and Josh, and is now opening a second, with CEO Roland Dickey Jr. honoring him as a Brand Champion for his excellent work in spreading the word of great Texas barbeque.

Green Is Better Is Ready for Expansion in the North American Market

The founders of Green Is Better, an international, healthy fast food franchise, recently announced the dates and numbers of their expansion in the North American market. After numerous months of studies and successful testing, they have determined that American consumers are growing increasingly lethargic with junk food and are looking for a viable, healthy alternative.

Village Catering Announces Catering Services for Fall 2015 Corporate Events

LogoVillage Catering in Philadelphia, PA, has just announced that they are now offering their services to plan fall 2015 corporate events. Businesses that are interested in planning that next big corporate fundraiser or would like to put together a successful autumn picnic will certainly be able to do so with the help of Village Catering. The company has decades of experience planning all types of events and also offers experienced wait staff. To get the party planning process started, business owners interested in their services can reach out to the company by calling 215-437-3337. This renowned catering company can also be reached by email at, or by filling a contact form out on their website.

Harrington's Pub & Kitchen Announces Their August and September 2015 Specials

LogoLooking for restaurants in National Harbor, MD, with some awesome happy hour specials this August and September? Well, be sure to check out Harrington's Pub & Kitchen over the next couple months, as they are pleased to announce some new specials and events. In fact, Nationals fans can take advantage of their "Harper Harbor Special," that the restaurant has running during each game. During their Harper Harbor Special, not only will fans see the game on Harrington's biggest TVs, but those who sit in the bar area will get the chance to enjoy a variety of happy hour specials.

Exclusive Product Breakthrough with Raw Reishi Extract by, the world's most trusted authority in the art and science of Chinese Tonic Herbs, introduces a technological breakthrough in herbal extracts, Raw Reishi liquid extract.

Bryan's Wine & Spirits Arrives Online to Offer Deals on Social Media

Bryan's Wine & Spirits, an established liquor store in the area for over eight years, announces its online presence on social media. The business will post updates on the latest news and updates for the store to their newly-established accounts. Wine enthusiasts in the area may now follow their favorite Social Media Web Site, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr and/or Twitter for up-to-the-minute information.

Mini Melts USA, Inc. Features Franchising Opportunities with Fastcorp Ice Cream Vending Machines

LogoIn the world's modern economy, where it pays to be recession-proof, it's more important than ever for individuals to seek opportunities that will provide a sound return on their initial investments. Right now, Mini Melts USA, Inc., a Norwich, Connecticut-based organization, is providing business opportunities featuring ice cream vending machines manufactured by Fastcorp, offering a healthy return on investment when strategically implemented. To put this into perspective, the record held by a Mini Melts client is five-thousand cups of ice cream, sold in one month at Singapore's Tampines Mall.

Mini Melts USA Inc. Helps Individuals Start Their Own Ice Cream Vending Machine Businesses

LogoEvery year, individuals seek solutions to the normal routine of nine to five employment, often seeking a business of their own, an opportunity for them to grow and generate some revenue for themselves. Norwich, Connecticut-based ice cream producers, Mini Melts USA, Inc., helps interested parties throughout the country do just that. Every year, they help many start their own ice cream vending machine businesses and give them a chance to take charge of their own lives.

Austin, Texas Startup - BYTE - Wins Big in Entrepreneur Competition

LogoToday BYTE announced that it recently earned a finalist invitation to the Bon AppeTech conference in San Francisco on Oct. 2-4, 2015. As a finalist, BYTE has the opportunity to be one of three startups selected to receive a $100,000 equity investment and three-month acceleration program in Bordeaux, France.

China's Demand for Pork Set to Skyrocket

Pork is the most prolifically eaten meat in the world with some estimates accounting it for 38% of the world's meat production. And it is particularly popular in Asia and the Pacific regions, where it is most widely consumed in China. Now, new business figures suggest that Chinese demand for Pork imports is set to skyrocket. The regions set to fulfill this demand will most likely be the EU and US, prominent exporters of pork.

Creators of the Smart Keeper Launch Kickstarter Campaign

LogoThe Smart Keeper by Kop Design is a new and easy way to store all types of foods, including liquids and solids, in quality storage containers that then fit easily into a handsome storage rack.  Unlike many other food storage container systems, The Smart Keeper minimizes the amount of counter or cupboard space necessary for storage as well as providing quality food storage containers that keep food fresh and avoid spills.  Now, the creators of this system have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise production and distribution funds.

Village Catering Now Booking Winter 2015 Weddings at the Cottage Green

LogoWhen couples are looking for a wedding hall near Bucks County or in Philadelphia that still has spots available for 2015 wedding ceremonies and receptions, they can opt for the Cottage Green. The Cottage Green is owned by Village Catering and is located at 9001 Ashton Rd. in Philadelphia. Furthermore, those who choose this notable venue can take full advantage of the catering company's multiple wedding packages. Couples interested in visiting the Cottage Green can call 215-437-3337 to set an appointment, or fill out a contact form on

Field House Announces Birthday Party Planning Services and More This August

LogoTrying to find an awesome Center City Philadelphia bar and restaurant to host a friend's birthday bash? Well, look no further than Field House, located at 1150 Filbert Street, as they are eager to announce that they are now planning birthday parties this August. In fact, those interested in hosting a birthday party at this renowned establishment will be happy to know that they offer a ton of awesome Group Birthday packages. To get the planning started, individuals can reach out to Tim by email at or by calling him, during the day, at 215-629-1520.

Roland Dickey Jr. Champions New Partners and Existing Franchisees Alike in New Expansions Through California and Oregon

Roland Dickey Jr. says that together with the fundamental menu of his successful Texas barbecue brand Dickey's Barbecue, two secrets have allowed him to build the brand from twenty to over 500 inside ten years: details, and people. The details that make his stores a success are shared with his franchisees. The franchisees are carefully selected for their personal attributes so they are not only successful but also add to the brand family at Dickey's. Roland Dickey Jr. is currently celebrating the efforts of a new franchisee opening his first Dickey's in Westlake Village, California, as well as the growing success of an Oregon franchise owner opening a second branch in Hillsboro.

Paul's Tavern August 2015 Events Calendar Includes a Variety of Performances and Events

LogoEvery summer, residents of Belmar, NJ, know that no matter the night, there's always something to do to take advantage of the warm weather and high spirits at Paul's Tavern. While weekend nights are always exciting at Paul's, weeknights at the tavern are also loaded with events and specials for clients looking to cut loose on a workday. This August, Paul's Tavern, one of the best bars in Belmar for exciting events, announces a full events schedule that includes a variety of different concerts and performances.

Chef Pete Hilcke Joins Seafood Industry in an Effort to Uphold It

Australian cuisine has been renowned for its seafood and in an effort to continue this tradition; Chef Pete Hilcke has agreed to challenge the changes in the fishing policy. These modifications are said to bring about difficulties in all the local seafood markets by making the merchandise inaccessible. There are a number of fish types which are available in the Port Phillip Bay and hence, this movement is an effort to help the same reach the people of Australia.

Old New York Deli Franchises Prepare for Back to School Sales Boost

LogoOffering a unique atmosphere and food reminiscent of early 20th-century New York, Old New York Deli franchises throughout the country are preparing for the back to school morning rush. As the summer ends and kids return to school, parents seek healthy alternatives to traditional fast food breakfasts.

Old New York Deli Among Top Bakery Cafe Franchise Opportunities

LogoLaunched in 1994, Old New York Deli has made a name for itself in California and entrepreneurs are taking note. By combining fresh ingredients, from-scratch baked goods, and superior service, the Old New York Deli's three current locations welcome hundreds of patrons each day to their aromatic cafes. Due to the continued success of each franchise, Old New York Deli has become an opportunity of interest for investors seeking a profitable, customer-focused business.

Ethiopian at Home Launches Video Tips on Cooking Real Ethiopian Food

The Ethiopian At Home website has been launched to show people who want to experience real cooking that will impress their family and friends, how to cook real Ethiopian Dishes.

The New Seafood Policy Has Received Criticism from the Victoria Seafood Industry

Giving an upper hand to recreational fishing has gathered a lot of criticism from eminent names in Melbourne. Right from the Executive Director of Seafood Industry, Mr. Johnathon Davey, to Chef Pete Hilcke, a number of professionals to save this Victorian treasure. The new policy is said to make it difficult for local markets to procure the produce like before. This means that there will be lesser merchandise available for the common man.

Village Catering Offering Customized Wedding Packages and Food Menu Options

LogoAs one of the Philadelphia area's oldest catering companies, Village Catering knows that when couples are looking for wedding caterers, they want one that offers customizable menus. Therefore, newly engaged couples in the Tri-state area trying to find a company that offers a plethora of wedding menu options can turn to Village Catering. In fact, Village Catering is proud to offer numerous wedding packages and food options that be found on their website,

Ethiopian at Home Launches Cooking Tips for Delicious Ethiopian Cuisine

More people are now cooking at home instead of buying ready cooked meals according to research. The return to the kitchen to cook real food is down to the many different cookery shows on TV and more people wanting real food. A new company aims to give people delicious Ethiopian cuisine through their Ethiopian At Home website.

MRSA Bug Found in Supermarket Pork Leading to Calls for Free-Range Priorities

Several supermarkets and other suppliers of meat have had to remove pork products from their shelves due to the presence of the MRSA bug found in them. It is thought to be due to the overuse of powerful antibiotics used on factory farms. There is also evidence that the UK could be at threat of a wider health crisis if the issue is not curtailed by authorities. The news comes in the midst of a climate where many are becoming increasingly aware about the source of their food and if it poses any health hazards. Meat reared and raised on factory farms is also used by many catering services, so the news could have wider implications than envisaged.