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BBQ Kings Launches Box Subscription Club

Approximately 114 million US households own a grill, and on average they use their grill 40 times per year – that's 4,560,000,000 unique grilling events! Grill owners clearly love to BBQ, and they love to party, too – the average US BBQ owners host 12 grilling parties each year, and 39.7% of US households use up at least one bottle of BBQ sauce per month (27.8% use more than two.)

Skinny Tea Online Moves Warehouse to Hong Kong for Better Global Distribution of Slimming Sensation

There is a palpable air of excitement in the Skinny Tea Online (STO) headquarters, as they make final preparations to move their central warehouse to Hong Kong, so their product, which has exploded in America, can more quickly and easily be shipped worldwide. The move comes as they release a new and improved version of their successful Skinny Tea for weight loss, which when used for 14 or 28 Days can help women shed real pounds while remaining 100% natural and safe.

Roland Dickey Jr. Congratulates Dickey's Barbecue Franchisees with Second Location Opening

Dickey's barbecue Franchise is a fast casual chain of restaurants going from strength to strength. Such is their success that existing franchisees are now outgrowing their initial investments and looking to expand. Richard Aronson of Bakersfield is one such, Navy Veteran and professor Dr. T.L. Driver of Poulsbo WA is another on the list. All in all, there are two franchisees opening new locations across Washington and California, each with a three-day barbeque extravaganza to celebrate.

Sage Catering Offers Custom Wedding Catering at Multiple Venues

LogoThe Philadelphia area, which includes suburbs like Bucks County, is rich with history and has the landmarks, museums, parks and historic houses to show for it. Couples who are planning a wedding in Bucks County usually choose among the many beautiful available venues and want a caterer who can live up to the location. Sage Catering, award-winning Bucks County caterers, are currently available to create customized wedding menus at multiple venues.

Mini Melts USA, Inc. Looking for Vending Operators in All Areas of the Country

LogoAs the summer heat rolls in and ice cream is becoming a hot seller, Mini Melts USA, Inc. (MMUSA) is now looking for vending machine operators. Selling quality beaded ice cream that is a favorite of customers throughout the country, operators will enjoy their partnership with a leading ice cream brand. It is a simple process to take advantage of the opportunity to own the best ice cream franchise alternative, and MMUSA offers financing options for a low-cost startup.

Voting Officially Open for Howard Magazine's 2015 "Best Of" Dining Contest

The 2015 best restaurants of Howard County voting period started June 4, 2015, at 9:00 a.m. ET and ends June 30, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. ET, and Bistro Blanc wants to be at the top of the list.

Culinary Carton Brings Home Food Delivery Into the 21st Century

LogoFor individuals who thought home food delivery was a service from a bygone era, Culinary Carton has taken the concept, employed modern techniques, and improved upon the method to provide cooks with all the ingredients for chef-created cuisine delivered directly to consumers' doorstep.

Food Boxes from Culinary Carton Brings Fun Back to Mealtimes

LogoCulinary Carton delivers food boxes directly to the doorstop of consumers, providing them with all the ingredients to recreate meals by internationally trained Chef Paul Tyas. Culinary Carton customers can select from food boxes specially developed for vegetarians, meat lovers, and those who desire a combination of both for mealtime fun.

Culinary Carton's Online Food Delivery Offers Convenience and Fun

LogoExciting recipes created by Chef Paul Tyas are available for those who experience online food delivery with Culinary Carton. The world-class chef is cognizant of how difficult it can be for busy families to cook nutritious dinners and share mealtimes. He's lending his international expertise to help consumers discover and explore new menu options at home.

Roland Dickey Jr. Comments on Smoke Stack Big Data Approach to Business Improvement

IBM has predicted that big data will be the biggest boom industry of the decade, worth billions of dollars by 2020. This is because the capability to analyze every single behavior has been made possible by computers able to record the data and processors powerful enough to analyze it. Many businesses are considering the potential of Big Data, and Dickey's BARBECUE CEO Roland Dickey Jr. is an early advocate, having overseen the design of a custom big data engine to analyze the opportunities for growth within his Texas barbeque franchise. Dickey Jr. claims it will be a gateway to new prosperity and growth for one of the fastest growing chains in the US.

Kehrer Global Offers Certified Gluten Free Products

Kehrer Global launched its website to offer certified gluten free products, helping those people who want to be healthier and live longer with the help of those products that are 100% certified free from gluten.

Rainer's Bavarian Grill Is Sure to Stand Out

Stefan Schenkelberg may be devastated by the recent loss of two family members but he is moving forward with plans to open a unique take-away food business in London.

Pulled Pork Popularity: The Pendle Pig Comments

According to recent news from the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) there is a planned Pulled Pork campaign which will be supported by culinary celebrities including Tom Kerridge, the Michelin starred T.V Chef. With the intention of encouraging interest in British pork as an affordable and attractive food, the campaign for pulled pork is expected to be supported with over 1.3 million 'perfect for pulled pork' stickers displayed on associated pork products in supermarkets. Retailers are hoping this will further the current popularity of pulled meat products and encourage people to try it themselves at home.

Pockets Unveils Delicious, Healthy Menu Online

Pockets Online is an option that users can make the most out of from the comforts of their homes and make sure they keep up with their goals of eating healthy while devouring scrumptious dishes.

New Chefs Introduced at Promontory in Park City

LogoPromontory is known for a number of different things, including its exquisite cuisine. New chefs were recently hired by this exclusive community to provide its residents with the best possible food.

The "South" Philly Pretzel Factory Celebrates Philadelphia Dads with a Special on Their Party Trays

LogoDads are their children's heroes – sons want to be like them and daughters adore them, hoping that one day they are lucky enough to meet a man as wonderful as their father. Every day, they help with homework, change diapers, chauffeur to sports games and practices, cook dinner, and even create elaborately good, or bad, hairdos for their kids. Their love, support and guidance is an integral part of their family's lives, and many can't imagine even a day without it. Father's Day was established to celebrate these family anchors, and to give their children the chance to express their appreciation for a year's worth of advice and devotion. With that in mind, the "South" Philly Pretzel Factory wants to make sure they also show their appreciation for these amazing men by providing $5 off any party tray.

What Dad Really Wants for Father's Day: Someone Else to Pay for Dinner

This Father's Day, Bistro Blanc delivers the best for Dad with a Father's Day Special Brunch and Dinner on June 21. Guests will enjoy the elegant ambiance as they dine in the rustic yet refined restaurant. Several entrees are available at both brunch and dinner, with all courses featuring the unique flavor blends of Chef Janny Kim.

The Rise of Popular Food Photography: Graham Precey Reflects

Food photography could appear to be growing as a skilled art in itself, especially in light of recent publicity around the subject of food photography. Not only has this included the high profile of the 2015 Food Photographer of the Year competition, which was hosted in May, but also the growth of artwork involving food products. A key example is the work from Dutch artists and filmmakers Lernert& Sander, who created a series of photographs of raw food cut into 98 exact squares. You may well have seen the pictures on websites like Buzzfeed, and the images themselves were commissioned by De Volkskrant, a Dutch newspaper, which was hosting a food photography supplement.

FSM 22000 Food Safety Management to Help New York City Restaurants

FSM 22000, the most robust food safety management standard in the United States designed to help recognize restaurants that maintain and improve their food safety management system has been introduced to the city of New York at According to the National Food Safety Council (NFSC), being FSM 22000 certified enables restaurants to have a third party food safety management system that ensures consumer trust, and demonstrates restaurant management commitment to food safety and quality. The FSM 22000 Food Safety Management System provides a framework for effectively managing and obtaining recognition for achieving your restaurant's food safety responsibilities. It's a significant improvement over the outdated food safety standard known as ISO 22000:2005 developed by the International Organization for Standardization.

Lola's Mexican Kitchen Announces Birthday Party Planning Services Available This June

LogoInstead of planning a birthday party at home this summer, have it at one of the best White Plains restaurants—Lola's Mexican Kitchen. In fact, Lola's Mexican Kitchen is pleased to announce that their professionals are now available to schedule summer birthday parties this June. Lola's Mexican Kitchen is able to host birthday parties in their private party room, or give the birthday boy or girl and their guests a section of the bar to enjoy a customized happy. Inevitably, Lola's Mexican Kitchen's event planners will do all that they can to make the occasion unforgettable. Those who are interested in having their own birthday party or throwing a surprise party for their family member or friend, can give the restaurant a call at 914-358-4939, or email them at

Paleo Grubs Book Reviews Rate New 470 Easy-to-Prepare Paleo Recipes in Paleo Grubs Book as Best Among 17 Categories of Cooking Guide

LogoWhat Is Paleo Grubs Book All About? The Paleo Grubs Book Reviews Indicate That The Paleo Grubs Book Guide Reveals A Unique Cooking Guide That Details Over 400 Paleo Recipes, Complete With 100% Natural Ingredients; Gluten-Free, Carbs-Free, Sugar-Free And Safe To Enjoy.

Old New York Deli All Natural Menu Options Ideal for Customers and Franchisees

LogoOld New York Deli is creating a buzz with its all-natural and organic menu. Diners insist it is the best deli (delicious) food they have ever eaten. With two stores, and one cafe franchise (for the moment), Old New York Deli prides itself on its original recipes and combinations. All menu items are made with the best and freshest ingredients available.

Catering by Mario's Provides School Lunch Management Services and Summer Lunch Food Programs

LogoTwo important necessities that help students focus and learn is a good night's sleep and good food. Eating a full meal three times a day is key for students to obtain the energy they need to study and become educated.

Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop Expects Franchise Explosion Due to Being Featured on Undercover Boss and Food Factory

LogoRocket Fizz, Soda Pop & Candy Store, was born out of a love for nostalgia and great tasting treats. Owners, Rob Powells and Ryan Morgan opened their first store in 2009, and instantaneously sparked resurgence in "old fashioned" candy, sodas, and specialty treats. The two Rocket Fizz stores in Camarillo and Sherman Oaks, CA did so well that Powells and Morgan came to the realization that Rocket Fizz would be a very successful franchise opportunity.

Food Identifier App Creator Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoHaving an app that could identify any food quickly, give the nutritional value and even list the ingredients could change the way people diet.  Searching on the Internet for the ingredients in any food can be time-consuming and difficult.  The new app makes it easy with a convenient interface that allows the user to simply snap a photo of the food to obtain instant results on calories, fat, vitamins and other ingredients.