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Ekveda Superfoods Introduces a Brilliant Range of Dry Fruit Gift Packs in Maharashtra for the Occasion of Diwali

Diwali 2017 is round the corner, and sprinkle of lights, fireworks, and the sparkling eyes are now evident all around India to celebrate this festival of light. Pune based Ekveda Superfoods has come forward to add to the festivity with their brilliant range of Diwali Dry Fruit Gift Packs, available in the price range of Rs. 280 to Rs. 850 per pack.

Happy Kombucha Announce the Benefits of Making Own Cheese

When it comes to cheese, many people simply pop to the store when they need a fix, however one leading supplier of probiotics Happy Kombucha, urge all to consider making their own –Recently uploading a blog post listing five reasons to make your own cheese.

Eagles Peak Offers Home Water Delivery to Residents of Montgomery County, PA

Sometimes, homeowners find it easiest when someone delivers their drinking water straight to their doorstep. Eagles Peak understands this, which is why the company offers home water delivery to the residents of Montgomery County, PA, and the surrounding areas. Senior citizens, those who have a tough time getting out of the house, and people leading busy lives will find that home water delivery by Eagles Peak can be quite beneficial for them.

Scots Still Failing to Eat 5 Portions of Fruit and Veg a Day: Tropicanna Horticulture Comments

A new survey has found that the amount of fruit and vegetables Scottish adults eat each day fell to its lowest last year, with Scots on average consuming only 3 portions per day in 2016.

Start a New Family Tradition with Best Darn Kettlecorn This Fall

In today's day and age of instant gratification and everything is available at their fingertips with smartphones, it is easy to forget about how simple things were just a mere 10 years ago. Best Darn Kettlecorn is an easy to help get back to the basics this fall.

Theme Dessert House of Downtown Long Beach Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoA California couple from Long Beach has announced that they are seeking community support on Kickstarter for their upcoming themed dessert house called Ice & Roll. The couple is very excited to bring this amazing café for the people of Long Beach and the themed café will offer a wide range of delightful treats, while serving as a socialization platform for the locals. In addition, the menu will include the iconic Thai rolled ice-cream, Boba, and a special selection of desserts.

Bistro 750 Invites Chicago Residents to Savor the Flavors of Their Summer Menu Before the Season Comes to a Close

Bistro 750, a restaurant that offers dinner and much more in Chicago, invites the city's residents to savor the flavors of their summer menu before the season comes to a close. A restaurant known for their classically inspired dishes and seasonal ingredients, Bistro 750 is excited to unveil their fall menu perfect for a date night or family get together.

Pizza Machine Offers Announces Special Offerings on Their Pizza Delivery in Pembroke Pines

LogoOne pizza delivery restaurant in Pembroke Pines announces great offers on both the prices and the toppings as far as pizza delivery in Pembroke Pines is concerned. Pizza Machine is everyone's favorite, and there is a reason for it being so. This pizza delivery restaurant has been winning hearts since they had started the business. Celebrating 25 years, they are in their third generation of ownership. They are a local and family-owned business, and they believe in offering a personal relationship with their clients. This has been their principle from the day they have started as pizza delivery in Miramar Florida.

Bebe Latte and Kiddo Latte Are Delicious Plant Based Milk for Babies and Children

LogoBebe Latte and Kiddo Latte, the world's first and only plant-based milks free of any artificial sugars, flavors, preservatives, gums or carrageenan, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Chocola Te: A Hot Beverage to Promote Dental Health Launches Indiegogo Campaign

LogoBelangie Perez-Torres, a dental hygienist from central New York has proudly announced that she has innovated Chocola Té. It is an all new and revolutionary hot cocoa beverage that promotes a healthy lifestyle, especially dental health. Also known as Bella, Belangie is very active within her community in promoting oral health. She is now raising funds for this amazing new beverage because winter is coming and people need to have a healthy dental condition while enjoying this amazing seasonal delight.

Rx Smart Coffee, Inc. Announces Today That It Has Posted the Official Rx Smart Coffee ICO Report on

Rx Smart Coffee, Inc. announces today that it has posted the official Rx Smart Coffee ICO Report on for the upcoming ICO on October 6, 2017 on it's website to allow transparency to existing and potential investors of Rx Smart Coffee Inc. and Distributor/Reseller/Associate on our system.

BioHacking with ENERGYbits Algae at Bulletproof Conference

LogoWhy is everyone buzzing about biohacks? Because better health, superior performance and longevity is virtually impossible without biohacks, especially those that improve gut or brain health and cell or mitochondria health. What biohack are professional athletes and scientists buzzing about? Algae.

Experts from Rentokil Initial Working Together with Key Industry Leaders and Food Safety Auditors to Improve Food Safety in Malaysia

LogoRecently, international news portal were swamped with food recall reports on contaminated eggs in the European markets. Besides recalling the eggs, a long list of food products that contained eggs had to be withdrawn from shelves as well. Closer to home, in 2016 a popular milk brand in Malaysia had also recalled their product off the shelf when it was found to be contaminated with harmful bacteria.

Web Entrepreneur Launches, a Website Featuring Authentic Mexican Cooking Must-Haves

LogoRose Marie Salgado is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of authentic Mexican cooking must-haves including authentic Mexican recipes, cookbooks for full-flavored dishes, countertop kitchen appliances, cooking tools, and kitchen supplies. Salgado was inspired by her own passion for real Mexican cooking, as she has traveled all around Mexico, taking in the vibrant colors and rich flavors and using them in her own creations. Through her online store, Salgado is excited to help others bring the rich Mexican heritage to their dishes as they start on their own flavorful journeys.

No More GI Problems: Next Gen Energy Gel for Road Runner

LogoEndurance athletes are angry at the lack of healthy nutrition for refueling during high intensity efforts. Energy gel manufacturers rely on maltodextrin' as the main source of energy. Recent studies show that high sugar and maltodextrin content along with preservatives are a direct cause of exercise-induced GI problems. The solution? All natural whole foods supplements providing simple, complex and long chain carbohydrates and fatty acids as diverse energy sources.

Shake That Weight Launches Loyalty Reward Scheme

Shake That Weight, leading UK providers of meal replacement and weight loss products, has launched a loyalty reward scheme to help customers save money.

Austin Food Truck Manufacturer Announces Unique Licensing Agreement

Austin, Texas Austin food truck manufacturer announces unique licensing agreement. Instead of a franchise business opportunity (like most shaved ice food trucks offer) Itamar Enterprises offers a licensing agreement. Their new licensing agreement allows new truck owners more flexibility than other branded ice cream food trucks. - And lower long-term costs to operate.

Enjoy the Taste of SAIN Almond Milk Now Launched in Delhi NCR

SAIN's World is pleased to announce that the launch of their SAIN Almond Milk in Delhi NCR. The milk produced by SAIN is dairy free and vegan-friendly milk. This milk can be introduced in the daily diet to have a deliciously healthy lifestyle. The founders took great care in choosing the best of the ingredients for producing this milk. They have tested over 20 varieties of almonds to finalize the one variety with right proportion of healthy fats, natural sugars and high proteins.

Jessica Navratil Launches Kickstarter Campaign for the Northern Southerner Cookbook

LogoJessica Navratil is an inspiring American woman who was raised in Texas and then later moved to Minnesota. Currently residing in Minneapolis, she has created a family based cookbook prepared and it is titled The Northern Southerner Cookbook. The book contains amazing recipes prepared by herself and inspired by her and her father's love of cooking. Jessica has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for the book and she is welcoming generous support to raise funds for on Kickstarter.

The Fresh Works Offers a Variety of Delicious Menu Options This Fall

LogoThe Fresh Works is serving Philadelphia and Bucks County with the freshest cheesesteaks and most delicious menu options available this fall. With Philadelphia's reputation for cheesesteaks, The Fresh Works gives their competition a run for their money.

Croxsons Offers Visually Appealing Beer Bottles to International Food and Beverage Brands

LogoCroxsons, a unique, family-owned company, offers a wide range of visually appealing beer bottles to international food and beverage brands. They have beer bottles in a variety of sizes, designs, and colours, from 275ml beer bottles to 1L Eterna, which beer brands can order as per their needs and budget. Croxsons has a glorious legacy of 140 years working in the bottle industry, and over time has served many popular brands with their best-in-class beer packaging solutions, including Harry Brompton's, Sanda Black, Gnarly Purity, and 4 Pines. They have an outstanding team of experienced professionals who work closely with clients to deliver one-of-a-kind packaging solutions, keeping in mind their exact specifications and budget.

Big Louie's Promises the Fastest Wing Delivery in North Lauderdale and Lauderdale Lakes, Florida

Whether it is a mouth-watering Italian pizza that one craves, or hot wings with one's choice of sauce and dips, Big Louie's Pizzeria will deliver it to one's doorstep and in the shortest time possible. The pizzeria that has been around since 1986 has been satisfying the cravings of pizza lovers with authentic, Italian pizza. The pizzeria believes in quality, and they will never compromise on that front. Happy customers are what they say are behind the success of their pizza delivery in Fort Lauderdale and Oakland Park, Florida. They say that they will deliver fast, hot and fresh and there is no customer who will say that they don't. The pizzeria also offers coupons that can be applied to pizza or wings delivery in North Lauderdale and Lauderdale Lakes, Florida or any other pasta dish or salad that one orders. Prices are pocket-friendly, and they are the best place to dine in if one is on a budget.

Business Insider Names Barrie House Blend Extra Bold #1

LogoBarrie House Blend Extra Bold Single Serve Capsules is named #1 by Business Insider against leading k-cup brands. Barrie House was measured alongside these leading k-cup brands and identified their final ranking: Offers an Exclusive Selection of Beer Bottles to Keep Beer Enjoyable over an Extended Period of Time

LogoOne of the most recognised glass jar suppliers in the UK, offers an exclusive selection of beer bottles with superior clarity and finish. All of their glass beer bottles are manufactured with the highest-grade materials that are ideal to use for bottling beer as they provide the ultimate protection against UV rays. Ranging from 330ml to 750ml, the company offers beer bottles in a variety of designs and styles. All of their beer bottles are a combination of style and matte finish that enhance the value of the packed contents. The wide range of beer bottles that the company offers includes 330ml Amber Beer Bottle with Caps, 330ml Flint Beer Bottle with Caps, 750ml Amber Swingtop Bottle with Caps, 750ml Returnable Amber Beer Bottle, 500ml JAC Beer Bottle with Caps, 500ml AMC Beer Bottle with Caps, and many others.

Gourmet Hog Roast Company Provides Hog Roast Catering for Weddings with Exceptional Service and Attention to Detail

A recognised hog roast hire and caterer in London, The Gourmet Hog Roast Company provides catering services for wedding events, ranging from 30 to 5000 people. Their hog roast wedding menu includes Breakfast, Main Course, Desserts and Evening Snacks. The Gourmet Hog Roast Company can also customise their wedding menu to make individuals' event truly unique and personal. They locally source the finest pigs from their approved farms based in Surrey and Sussex, who are free from any disease. All of their hog roast dishes are garnished and finished by some of the experienced chefs who have been in the catering industry for years.