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Find Indian Rogan Josh, Middle Eastern Spice Mix, and Fresh Lemon Myrtle Recipes from the Spice People

LogoThe Spice People is an online Australian-owned and operated e store that is committed to providing the most delicate spices and herbs found across the world to its clients. The company has a feature-rich website, and an inventory made up of a wide array of aggressively priced products. The elaborate website ensures a smooth and convenient buying experience for their customers. The online store parades an excellent collection of more than 175 botanicals, native spices, and blends. The Spice People's website is also adding more products such as specialty teapots, reusable cups, and iced tea makers.

Voila Caterers Engages Expert Corporate Lunch Caterers in Manhattan and New York

LogoPlanning a corporate event is a stressful and tiring job. Hiring expert event planners will help employers arrange any event with more ideas and thoughts with the hassle of buying items and preparing a menu for the guests.

Fizzics Proudly Providing Beer Enthusiasts with a Better Way to Drink This Winter Season

Winter is on the way, and the best way to celebrate the brutal cold and festive holidays is with a seasonal brew poured from a Fizzics DraftPour. Fizzics offers beer lovers affordable personal beer taps guaranteed to smooth out the carbonation from any beer from a can, bottle, or growler. These ingenious contraptions utilize advanced, revolutionary technology to transform any beer into a delicious, straight-from-the tap draft.

Voila Caterers Employs Expert Event Planners in Harlem and Upper East Side, New York

LogoWhen it comes to planning an event, choosing a reputable and trustworthy event planner is essential.

Pizza Machine Offers Delicious Pizza in Miramar and Weston, Florida

LogoPreparing something special for the guests gives people always a rewarding feeling. Unfortunately, no everyone can cook. More importantly, considering time constraints, getting time to drum up culinary magic is even more difficult for many individuals.

Bridal Showers Are Less Stressful with Village Catering

LogoBridal showers are the perfect time to reconnect with family and friends while celebrating a bride-to-be. However, planning the shower itself can be stressful. Now, there's a solution that's affordable and easy for shower planners — bridal shower packages from Village Catering.

Ahmad Tea, Family-Owned UK-Based Tea Maker, Releases Holiday Tea Gift Pack Collection

LogoAhmad Tea, the family-owned tea maker now in its fourth generation of tea blending and tasting, today announced the release of its 2019 Holiday Tea Gift Pack Collection, with over 25 holiday tea gifts to choose from for friends, family, colleagues, and loved ones.

Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar Rolls out Winter 2019 Menu

LogoHarvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar, a farm-to-table restaurant, has announced their winter menu for 2019 into 2020. With a focus on serving farm fresh meals, Harvest Seasonal Grill changes their menu each season to ensure that ingredients are always fresh. This latest change in their rotating menu offers returning winter favorites as well as new dishes.

Village Catering's Glowing Testimonials Speak for Themselves

LogoWhen it comes to choosing a company to cater a Pennsylvania wedding reception, Village Catering knows firsthand that the wrong food can ruin even the most romantic evening. They understand that couples want to choose a well-known caterer with a reputation for outstanding service within their local community. Village Catering is proud to display their reputation with plenty of glowing customer reviews and testimonials.

Grander Rum Founder Dan DeHart Launches New Barrel Series with Rye-Finished Rum

LogoDeHart Spirits, LLC., producer of Grander Rum, is proud to announce the launch of Barrel Series, a limited release of fine rums finished in exceptional casks. The inaugural batch release is a blend of aged rum finished in Rye Whiskey Barrels.

Voila Caterers Employs Vegan Caterers in Manhattan and Midtown New York

LogoWhen it comes to hosting a vegan event, choosing Voila Caterers is the best option.

The Spice People Is Providing an Online Platform for Connecting to Organic Spices

LogoThe Spice People, a Victorian-based company, have set their focus for years on converting an ordinary kitchen into a place of endless discovery and excitement for the entire family. Founded by a spice evangelist whose passion began as a little child, the company has all the qualities to make them outstanding and a trusted solution provider. By maximizing these qualities, The Spice People has created a master inventory of all the right ingredients needed to make any extra meal special.

RestauranTrak Launches to the Market at the Restaurant Finance and Development Conference in Las Vegas

LogoThe most comprehensive source of restaurant market data; helping restaurants make data-driven decisions about their business.

Voila Caterers Employs Expert Wedding Caterers in Harlem and Upper East Side, New York

LogoMarriage is one of the most critical events in the lives of a couple. Food is one essential prerequisite that will set the mood of the event. No matter how much money is invested in decorating the events, without quality food, even a good looking event may turn into a total disaster.

Heritage Offers a Wide Range of Swiss Dishes with Incredible Flavours

LogoHeritage, a Modern Swiss Restaurant based in Soho, London, offers incredible flavours that should surprise and excite even the most discerning palates. There are a few must try dishes for swiss food lovers, such as rösti, raclette and fondue options that can be served with either a range of vegetables, meat or seafood. The restaurant also features table-top charcoal grills that allow diners to barbecue their own meats, seafood and seasonal vegetables. Heritage is the best destination to go to for delicious food and an atmospheric evening in London. With a friendly atmosphere and delicious food, visitors are bound to enjoy dining at Heritage.

Village Catering Booking Catering Services for Weddings in Fall 2020

LogoVillage Catering is currently booking catering services for weddings in fall 2020. The family-owned company has over 30 years of catering experience for wedding receptions, ceremonies, and a host of other celebratory occasions. Its professional staff delivers attention to detail, follows the latest menu trends, and provides world-class food.

Jiangxiaobai to Showcase Its Innovative Baijius at HKIWSF 2019

LogoJIANGXIAOBAI is excited to announce, that it will participate in the HKIWSF 2019 (Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair 2019). The fair will be held from November 7th to 9th at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. There, the Chinese producer of light-aroma baijiu will showcase its innovative baijius (Booth: Hall 3E A14 & A16).

Fizzics Provides Advice and Nitro-Style Beer Pairings at the Thanksgiving Table

The Fizzics team would like Thanksgiving hosts and guests to explore the great flavors and textures of seasonal beers while enjoying their late-fall and Thanksgiving dinners. Traditionally, wine has had a monopoly on beverage-of-choice for Turkey Day dinners, but not any longer. Fizzics is a company dedicated to providing beer drinkers with new ways to taste their favorite brews with its revolutionary beer dispensers, which transform any carbonated beer into a nitro-style drink.

In an Industry First, Pet Food Innovators Gather in San Francisco to Discuss Opportunities in Cell-Cultured Meat

LogoThe Cultured Meat Symposium is hosting a panel dedicated to cell-cultured meat technology as it relates to the pet food industry in San Francisco on November 14, 2019.

Village Catering Booking Catering Services for All Types of Special Events in 2020

LogoVillage Catering is currently booking catering services for all types of special events in 2020. This family-owned, full-service catering team has been delivering top-quality, customized menus to a vast array of parties for over three decades. The company has recently advised on what to look for in a full-service catering company so that those looking to reserve caterers can make an informed choice, and avoid making a costly mistake.

Jolion Attended the Anuga Fair 2019 and Got Potential Orders

LogoPresumably, everyone is familiar with soy sauce. The raw material of soy sauce is soybean. Soy sauce is a by-product of making soy sauce in ancient China. After the soybeans are steamed, people will mix it with rice koji and then ferment to a certain extent, and a liquid bead will appear on the surface, which is similar to oil. The taste of the ancient sauces tasted excellent and later began to specialize in making soy sauce for seasoning. 

Why Plant-Based Food Is Becoming Increasingly Popular in the Food Industry?

LogoThe anticipated rise of plant-based food worldwide can be attributed to the impact of non-vegetarian and dairy food on human health and the environment. The livestock industry is one of the major contributors to global warming. Relative to plant-based agriculture, meat production has a much higher environmental impact in relation to freshwater use, amount of land required, and waste products generated. The recommended and potential approach for reducing the impact of humanity on the environment is to promote the increased consumption of plant-based foods. It would also help in reducing the high rates of numerous chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. According to the International Diabetes Federation, in 2017, approximately 425 million adults (20-79 years) were living with diabetes; which is anticipated to reach 629 million by 2045. Several studies claim that whole-foods or plant-based diets can help in preventing and even reverse food and lifestyle-borne illnesses, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Some of the items contributing to health issues include bakery items and snacks. The Plant-Based Food Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.94% in the course of the forecast period (2019-2025) and reach a market valuation of US$ 38.4 billion by 2025.

Village Catering Offers Excellent Choices for 2020 Wedding Plans

LogoVillage Catering is pleased to announce it's booking weddings at Cottage Green immediately. The turn of the decade is quickly approaching and with it many potential marriages to be. The planning and preparation needed for a wedding and its reception can be stressful for many as the amount of details that need attending to seem virtually endless, and the event itself is often among the most important milestones of one's life.

Tony Roni's Now Accepting New Corporate Catering Clients

LogoTony Roni's Neighborhood Kitchen, a friendly neighborhood pizzeria with 9 locations across the Greater Philadelphia Area, is opening up their catering services to new business clients. Their catering menu offers much more than just pizza, with appetizers, pastas, entrees, salads, sandwiches, and more.

Slack's Hoagie Shack Shares Tips for a Corporate Thanksgiving Party

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Slack's Hoagie Shack has shared their favorite tips to make business celebrations extra special. As the most reputable provider of corporate catering in Newtown, PA, the team at Slack's Hoagie Shack cater for a wide range of events. This includes all manner of office and private functions and parties. Their hoagie, buffalo wing, and cheesesteak trays have been feeding guests for more than 25 years and have been voted 'Best of Philly' for their delicious taste and excellent presentation.